Talking With Gabrielle W Wolf

Gabrielle W Wolf found business success through her landscaping and cleaning business. Wolf established the enterprise alongside her husband, and the duo watched their creation quickly turnover $200,000 a year. Yet, Wolf wanted more and she knew her experience could help others in the business world.

The vibrant entrepreneur wrote her debut book, ‘How To Grow Your Balls’ and set up an online mentoring, coaching, and educational service for businesspeople to help others achieve their goals. Wolf’s straightforward approach is one that few in the business world want to hear, yet it is one that can benefit them most. Her advice and ‘been there, done that’ experience may be the best thing to help businesspeople succeed.

Wolf recently sat down with us and spoke about her career, background, and plans for the future.

Gabrielle, can you start off by telling us about your background and how you found your current career path?

GABRIELLE W WOLF – I came from a traditional business background, however, I realized that it didn’t fulfil me. A business which only brought  money wasn’t  good enough for me. I was looking for a career where I would be able to help people while filling my own cup at the same time. Gladly, my husband supported and shared this vision also.

You had a desire to explore the world from an early age. How has that helped you in your career?

GABRIELLE W WOLF – It am an open-minded person, very tolerant and not judgemental. I realized that many people are way less fortunate just because of the circumstances or country they have been born in. Getting back towards the career, the person I am today, helps me to be multidimensional and to see things from different perspectives and adapt to a situation.

Can you tell us about your book and why you chose to write it?

GABRIELLE W WOLF – I chose to write my book (How To Grow Your Balls) as a way to lay out my thoughts and beliefs through my own story and how I grew up. Our modern world is changing with fascinating speed, and it truly scares me – cyberbullying, kids and adults spending hours in virtual reality, kids dictating parents their rights, overprotective mothers, people lacking basic common sense or a man booking a professional to tighten up a screw in the door handle.

The title How to Grow Your Balls is quite provocative. Why did you choose this title?

GABRIELLE W WOLF – I was choosing between “Don’t be a Vagina” and ‘How to Grow Your Balls”. You’ve got the winner!

In terms of your upcoming projects, can you fill in our readers about what is on tap for you in the future?

GABRIELLE W WOLF – At the moment, I have found my passion in helping ordinary people to have an abundant life through the affiliate business. As well, I am working on coaching programs to help people achieve positive results in different areas.

How did growing up in Eastern Europe help mold you for your current work?

GABRIELLE W WOLF – I believe growing up in Eastern Europe molded me as a person in general, and it led it me to where I am today.

Gabrielle, you speak four languages fluently. How has this helped you in the business world and what is your advice to others on learning languages?

GABRIELLE W WOLF – Well, I am speaking to you now, right? English is a worldwide language and it is a must.

When travelling, languages are obviously an advantage, but the Internet makes all that much easier. If English isn’t your native language, I would advise everyone to learn it.

As a mentor and coach, how can businesspeople benefit from your service?

GABRIELLE W WOLF – Most of the people have some areas within that need nourishment. Businesspeople have even more areas that need to be unleashed in order to adapt to a growing business, cope with the stress, or learn how to respond to triggers.

What is your secret to success in business?

GABRIELLE W WOLF – Belief and determination!

Which historical figure do you most admire?

GABRIELLE W WOLF – I don’t have idols.

Gabrielle, do you have any hobbies?

GABRIELLE W WOLF – Travelling, hiking.

What are you never without?

GABRIELLE W WOLF – Books and water.

Can you share your favorite quotes with us?

“Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.”

Instinct versus expertise. Which is more important and why?

GABRIELLE W WOLF – Instincts are basic survival skills for threatening life situations.

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