The Bombardier Global 6500 Quintessentially Global

The Global 6500 aircraft delivers unmatched versatility — offering the perfect combination of range, speed, field performance and smooth ride. The result is uncompromised performance engineered to get you where you need to be in absolute comfort.

Range — With an impressive range of 6,600 nm, the farthest in its class, the Global 6500 business jet connects more cities like Hong Kong and London or Toluca and Madrid non-stop, saving you time and putting more of the world’s business centres within reach.

Speed — The brand-new Rolls-Royce Pearl engine, purpose-built for the Global 6500 aircraft, powers it to top speeds of M 0.90 keeping you ahead of schedule wherever you’re going.

Field performance — A superbly agile aircraft capable of effortlessly accessing difficult airfields like London City, where its competitors can’t get you.

Smooth ride — The next-generation Global wing with fully re-profiled trailing edge combines renowned flexibility with refined aerodynamics for a smooth and comfortable ride for the best night’s sleep.

Power forward

The brand-new engine, purpose-built for the Global 6500 business jet, is a powerhouse of innovative design and technology.  The industry’s most advanced engine core enhances aerodynamics for greater power and efficiency allowing the Global 6500 aircraft to fly farther, faster and quieter.

Signature smooth ride Forget you’re flying in an aircraft designed with your comfort in mind. The Global 6500 aircraft’s long, flexible wing with leading-edge slats and new flaps contribute to higher wing loading and stability needed to provide the smoothest ride, every time.

A space that fits your lifestyle

The Global 6500 aircraft’s wide-open living spaces are where form and function come together in a visually stunning environment. The latest technology keeps you connected and entertained, while new innovative seating delivers the comfort you expect from a cabin built around you.

4K takes flight

The most technologically advanced cabin comes to life on the Global 6500 aircraft with vivid 4K entertainment. Live stream a game and always stay in touch with an intuitive cabin management system that is seamlessly integrated with the industry’s fastest internet connectivity.

A professional space

The kitchen aboard the Global 6500 aircraft is as beautiful as it is functional. New cabinets and countertops coupled with high-end exposed appliances, including a steam oven, expand the culinary possibilities for a formal meal or your favourite treat. A dedicated Crew Suite gives your team a place to stay on top of their game in-flight.

A seat for life above the clouds

Introducing the Nuage seat, a revolutionary architecture and the first meaningful change in the operation and design of a business aircraft seat in 30 years. The Nuage seat delivers class-defining comfort for life above the clouds.

Tilt link system for a deep recline

At the heart of the Nuage seat is a patented tilt link system that provides a novel deep recline position for extraordinary comfort and support.

Floating base for fluid movement

Engineered to move as you do, the Nuage seat features a unique floating base with a first-ever fully trackless footprint and permanently centred swivel axis for effortless and intuitive positioning.

Tilting headrest for exceptional comfort

Designed with intent for ergonomic perfection, an adjustable and tilting headrest provides optimal neck support in any position.

Conference.  Dine. Lounge.

The Conference Suite is a versatile space with a table seating up to six, making it the perfect setting for an important meeting or a delicious meal. With the award-winning Nuage chaise, a first in business aviation, this area becomes a relaxing place to catch up on your reading or to simply watch the world go by.

The Nuage chaise

The Nuage chaise is a unique seating system that is high on style and comfort. Its minimalist design complements the cabin’s open feeling, while its functionality gives this space unprecedented versatility. A seat that follows the curve of your body as a lounge chair, and converts into a flat surface for sleeping or seating additional people at the conference table.

Serenity by design

The Private Suite is your onboard retreat. Tucked away in the quietest part of the cabin, it offers the utmost tranquility for a quick nap or a good night’s sleep. The En Suite with available shower and large wardrobe allow you to arrive refreshed and ready for whatever awaits.

Unlimited access

Safely access what you require, as required. With access to the baggage compartment at all times, your personal items are always within reach.

100% fresh air with turbo heat and turbo cool

The Global 6500 aircraft features an advanced air management system that delivers both 100% fresh air as well as a turbo heat and turbo cool feature to rapidly raise or lower cabin temperature. Additionally, optimized cabin pressurization provides a low altitude environment in the cabin, helping you feel more energized and alleviating jet lag upon arrival.

A flight deck with clear vision

The Bombardier Vision flight deck, the industry’s leading cockpit, combines a comprehensive avionics suite with refined aesthetics for an exceptional flying experience.

A clear view in any condition

Approach runways with absolute confidence. The cockpit on the Global 6500 aircraft is the first in the industry to offer a true Combined Vision System – the only system to seamlessly merge enhanced and synthetic vision images in a single view, reducing crew workload and increasing situational awareness with the clearest view through the toughest weather.

Wide-open living spaces, refined interior design, sheer comfort, total performance and a smooth ride are all synonymous with Global business jets. The Global 6500 aircraft will reshape your expectations and thrill your senses with a stunning cabin, new engines and leading-edge wing technology for a heightened flight experience that is quintessentially Global.



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