The Cigar, The Art Of Tasting

Smoking a good cigar is, like appreciating fine wines, an extraordinary art form. Here are a few guidelines from the person who is possibly the best-known cigar connoisseur in the world, Zino Davidoff.

The fine cigar

A fine cigar is made of hundred per cent pure tobaccos and is hand rolled. This is the cigar that you enjoy most during special moments that offers you complete relaxation and the enjoyment of an incomparable pleasure.


The true cigar connoisseur does not ‚Äúsmoke‚ÄĚ his cigar, but savours it; every draw should bring an extraordinary sensa- tion of pleasure to his palate.


Enjoying a cigar is a sophisticated pastime. The true con- noisseur is cultivated. He enjoys his cigar without disturb- ing those around him.

The art of selecting a cigar

The connoisseur selects the right cigar for  the  right  moment: the cigar that provides him  with  the  ultimate pleasure. Price is of no consequence  for  the aficionado.  He  makes his  choice  exclusively on the basis of his per- sonal preferences and the  time  available.  In this way, he can enjoy all the qualities of the cigar as he wishes.

1-238x300Cutting the cigar

The technique of cutting the end of the cigar ultimately de- termines the quality of the draw, the subtlety and the inten- sity of its aroma as well as its even burning. The cut should be directly proportional to the diameter of the cigar. You would not cut a Davidoff Aniversario as you would an Am- bassadrice, for example. Whatever method you choose, the cut should be clean and large enough to guarantee an easy draw. Zino Davidoff did not recommend using a V (wedge) cut; since it does not allow for a good, even draw. Highly recommended cutters that have been specially designed to give a clean cut, independent of the cigar‚Äôs diameter, are the Davidoff scissors, the Davidoff Round Cutter and the ‚ÄúDavidoff‚ÄĚ double-bladed cutter.





2-300x218The art of lighting a cigar

The best way to light a cigar is to use a short flame. Hold the open end of the cigar about half an inch (1 centimeter) above the flame and rotate the cigar until the end is evenly lit. Then, and only then, should you bring the cigar to your lips and enjoy the first draw.

A good cigar should not be lit with petrol or gas lighters, a candle, or sulphur-tipped matches, all of which introduce disturbing odours. To avoid spoiling a perfect cigar even before taking the first draw, Davidoff carries especially long, slow-burning, sulphur-free matches and odourless gas lighters in its product range. The reverse of the giant matchbox offers a quotation by Zino, advising smokers not to light a cigar either too quickly or too slowly, but rather patiently and by taking small draws.

The band

Cigar smokers often wonder whether or not to remove the cigar band. Zino Davidoff advised against this. Since cigar bands are put onto most hand rolled cigars by hand, there is always the risk that they will adhere to the wrapper leaf and damage it when removed. It is therefore recommen- ded to leave the band in place at least until the first third of the cigar has been smoked.

How often to smoke cigars

Zino Davidoff always encouraged his customers to ‚Äúsmoke less, but smoke better‚ÄĚ. Do not light up a cigar in a hurry if you then have no time to enjoy it. It is better to take the time to luxuriate in this pleasure.


Like a fine wine, a cigar must be kept in an environment that protects it from the following factors:

  • changes in humidity
  • changes in temperature
  • light
  • intrusive odours

4For those who do not have their own cigar cellars, a ‚Äúhu- midor‚ÄĚ case is the best solution for storing cigars. Over the past 30 years, Davidoff has developed an extensive line of humidors with built-in regulators that automatically main- tain a relative humidity of 70 to 72 per cent in the interior of the case. These cashels are carefully crafted in wood and available in a wide range of sizes. Each individual humidor is a classical example of the cabinetmaker‚Äôs art and is¬†made to last for countless years to come.
Savouring a cigar should be an event that ends in nothing less than an enjoyable moment of relaxation.

Today, the Davidoff brand is more than ever a symbol for the highest quality and for affordable luxury in various areas of life. Of course, carefully selected tobacco creations from  all  over  the  world  still constitute the core of the company.



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