The golf car that takes cues from Mercedes-Benz’ aesthetic and class

By Paul McGuirk

Is it a Mercedes-Benz? No, it’s a golf buggy. The all-new Garia Golf Car – which is inspired by classic MB visual cues–celebrated its world premiere at this year’s International Geneva Motor Show.

This premium golf transportation unit is currently available as a limited-edition release, having launched in 2016 as a prototype, to the acclaim and bemusement of classic car fans and golf aficionados alike.


Hailed by some as the “coolest” golf vehicle of all time, the Garia Golf Car combines luxury, quality and premium design to create a unique variation on a Mercedes Benz classic with the mobility needs of the future – it’s energy efficient, sleek, sexy and connected.

After a further two years of development since its initial launch, it looks set to take the world by storm.

Design features

While typical golf carts have a reputation for being somewhat clunky, cubist and cumbersome, the Garia – with its sporty body and smooth golf-ball structure – brings a little bit more elegance to proceedingsand features prominent headlights which give the vehicle a unique, aggressive, assertive look that suggests the driver is here to hit some hole-in-ones.

Interior opulence

The Garia Golf Car is Bluetooth®-enabled and comes with integrated hi-fi speakers. With an onboard digital central touchpad, the user can effortlessly choose from a variety of functions including drive mode selection, windscreen wipers and even refrigerator controls. Occupants can even keep a track of their game with an electronic score card, and those waiting to get onto the next hole can keep up to date with the latest goings-on via internet connectivity.

Easy to drive

Let’s face it, this vehicle wouldn’t truly be Mercedes-Benz inspired if it couldn’t reach reasonable speeds. The Garia Golf Car is road-legal and can accelerate up to 43mph – however, federal law states that it will be restricted in the US to 25mph, which is more than enough speed for getting from A to B on the local golf course.

Handling-wise, this vehicle is a dream. With a front disk braking system, double wishbone suspension and 14” rims, it’s hard not to fall in love with.

It also boasts the largest-ever lithium ion battery to ever be fitted to a golf cart. With a 10,24 Kw/h capacity (that’s 200 real-world hours) and a range of up to 50 miles, it’s safe to say that exploring even the largest golf courses won’t be an issue for the Garia Golf Car.

A dream come true for golf fans

When a vehicle encompasses all these features, it’s almost impossible to fault it. By integrating the worlds of luxurious decadence, cutting-edge technology and classic sport, Garia has created a unique, interesting and above all desirable golf cart that is destined to be the envy of everybody on the green.



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