The Harley Davidson Street Rod 2017, 750cc of Adrenaline

The Harley Davidson Street Rod 2017 750cc of Adrenaline

Harley Davidson has been characterized by creating motorcycles of great size, power and design. One of its most innovative designs is the Harley Davidson Street Rod. This model was designed with a common difference from other Harleys, manufacturers of high-end motorcycles decided to undertake this model focused on people who walk day by day rolling in the city. However the Street Rod is still an agile model, powerful and also able to combat traffic and congestion.

     The new Harley Davidson model has a powerful new X750 engine, features a revised chassis and suspension enhancements to make the Street Rod handle quick, light and easy to handle.

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     The bike has the Dark Custom style of Harley Davidson which gives it a more aggressive and at the same time luxurious look. Details such as the black anodized inverted forks, triple clamps and the new speed panel make an excellent combination giving technological improvements to this bike. In addition, the new air intake design and the High Output Revolution X exhaust system give the Street Rod a unique sound.

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     The V-Twin Revolution High Output produces 18 percent more horsepower than previous engines. The distribution of 4 valves and the 750 cc contribute to the great development that can make the new bike. The new throttle body and new 4-valve heads and six-speed manual transmission make the Street Rod reach high speeds in very short times.

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     The new chassis is designed to give the X750 engine the best performance. The forks have the ideal grade of inclination so that the bike has the best aerodynamics. In addition the rear shock absorbers give a comfortable feeling to the driver since they have an extra deposit to improve the fluid and guarantee a better suspension. The Street Rod has a 17-inch front and rear Split 7 Spoke Black Cast Wheels and new Michelin Scorcher 21 radial tires. In addition the 300 mm diameter disc brake system provides safe braking. The new Davidson is also has new forged foot controls and aluminum standing pins that are placed in a fairly comfortable way towards the seat that makes drivers feel more comfortable when getting off the bike.

The Harley Davidson Street Rod 2017 750cc of Adrenaline-4

     The combination of all these features that has the new Harley Davidson are what make it an exceptional design to ride in the day to day of the city. The tires, wheels, suspension and frame geometry are designed to work together and provide a lightweight and precise handling at full speed.

The Harley Davidson Street Rod 2017 750cc of Adrenaline-5

     It is clear that this new model opens new doors for all those who want to open to the brand. The Harley-Davidson Street Rod fits perfectly into the custom-made segment, but only the Street Rod can offer its own aesthetic and a dynamic commitment that makes the comfort necessary for all types of driving possible.

The Harley Davidson Street Rod 2017 750cc of Adrenaline-6

     Street Rod that stands out among its designs includes a new color speed screen, a short and aggressive queue inspired by street hunting, and a new LED tail light and turn signals with a Street Rod appearance. The new model will be presented in three different colors: olive green, vivid black and charcoal denim and will have a price of 8650 Euros.



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