The Comprehensive Sexual Education for Children’s Safety has always been an important, and highly controversial debate all around the World.

For a long time Countries have been haunted by the controversies surrounding if it is their responsibility to teach children at an early age about the birds and the bees or is that a job for the parents, as most of them wouldn’t really want to hear their little children talking about condoms, pre-marital sex, unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, amongst others. Surely it would make for a very uncomfortable dinner table conversation with grandma.

But, the reality is that if we teach our children about the proper ways of washing their hands during flu season, the safety of using the seat belts, basic self-defense and not to talk to strangers, then, what about sexual safety?

For some reason, Sexual Health is something most parents wouldn’t like to teach their children, hoping for schools or life itself teach them about it, and that is a big mistake, most schools in order to maintain federal funding are legally bound to teach abstention, and life is an excellent teacher-after-the-fact, and we end up with are teens having pre-marital sex with unwanted pregnancies, and that is the best case scenario, because they could end up with a dangerous STD that could cost them their lives.

If the school program does not cover extensive sexual education, then it is up to you as parents to ensure your children have a proper sexual education. Many students across the World have raised their voices complaining about not receiving proper Sexual Education, and blame their sexual misadventures to the lack of it.

This is a case where Honesty truly is the best policy since most Children and Teens haven’t even heard about the basic aspects of our biology and the biological need for reproduction. They are constantly at risk of unprotected sex.

While most teachers believe that Sexual Education belongs to the classroom, their hands are tied with current education programs that forbid them to do so.

And while the debate continues between parents-teachers-government, teenage pregnancy is on the rise, as well as the number of infected teens with STDs. We simply cannot keep looking the other way when it comes about sexual education, as embarrassing as it may be to have “the talk” with our Kids, we have to do it.

Our Children deserve to be informed in this matter, to have every tool at their disposal. Sexual Education has to be integrated into the Schools Curriculums. We have to keep them healthy and safely away from the sexual dangers and diseases in the World today.

Not talking about won’t make the problem go away, believing that having a strong religious education is a waste of time and it even endangers our children.

Experts agreed that Sexual Education in the classroom has to respect all differences in culture and religion and that it should be a priority, especially in the World where we live in where internet is the main source of information for our children and most of what is found is misleading or just wrong.




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