The S2 Del Mar is a new tracker-inspired middleweight electric motorbike from Harley-LiveWire Davidson’s line.

LiveWire, a Harley-Davidson all-electric spinoff brand, has announced the debut of a new electric motorcycle named the S2 Del Mar. This new model will be the company’s second model, following the LiveWire One, which was debuted a year ago. H-D has been teasing the middle-weight motorcycle since February of this year, so we already knew a few details about the most affordable LiveWire model to date, particularly its modular electric base. It is built on the LiveWire Arrow platform, which combines the motor, battery, and electronics into a single unit for ease of use. The tracker-style electric bike will use the S2 version of the platform, which was built specifically for use in the production of middleweight motorcycles. The American company intends to sell more electric motorcycles in the future, using lightweight S3 and heavyweight S4 models of the scalable platform. These electric motorcycles will be manufactured in America.

Because the new motorcycle is still being developed by LiveWire, the business has not released much information about it; however, we do know that the company is aiming for a curb weight of 440 pounds with 80 horsepower, which should give it a zero to sixty mph time of no more than 3.5 seconds. Furthermore, LiveWire forecasts that the S2 Del Mar will have a city range of around 100 miles. The manufacturer claims that the bike’s battery pack is made up of 2170 cylindrical cells, although the capacity of the battery pack is unknown. Because it is expandable, the battery will be available in a number of capacities to meet the numerous future LiveWire versions.

Some of the characteristics of the LiveWire S2 Del Mar motorbike were already public knowledge prior to its introduction; nonetheless, the bike’s final design remained a well guarded secret. The new electric bike features a design that is definitely influenced by flat-trackers and is startlingly similar to one of Harley-design Davidson’s concepts from a few years back. The Dunlop DT1 tyres are intended for use on both paved and unpaved conditions, and the S2 Del Mar will roll on 19-inch wheels fitted with these tyres. According to LiveWire, the motorcycle includes an upright riding position made possible by a tracker-style handlebar. This should result in “a pleasant and regulated riding experience.” The electric vehicle manufacturer will construct 100 Launch Edition vehicles of the S2 Del Mar for $17,699 apiece. These were all purchased within the first 18 minutes of their availability. The standard model will cost $15,000, and deliveries will begin in the spring of the next year, according to the business.



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