Tips For Getting Views And Subscribers On Youtube

YouTube isn’t always considered a social media site, but you can do much of what you do on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter on YouTube, except your posts are limited to video.

Here are a few ways to get tons of interaction on your YouTube page:

Brainstorm Relevant Content

Relevant content is important to today’s YouTube viewers. If you post something people want to see, they will keep coming back for more. It may be helpful to first decide what type of channel you’ll have.

Famous YouTubers have channels dedicated to dance, singing and music, vlogs, DIY projects, gaming, and much more. After that, stay on top of the trends. Do a cover or dance to popular songs, make DIY projects for items that are expensive, but everyone wants, or play one of the popular games on the market now.

Invest In Editing

One of the worst things to watch on YouTube is poorly edited content. Investing in a program that can help you edit your video to include interesting graphics, smooth transitions, and intros and outros.

One great program you can use is Adobe Premiere Pro. The editing program helps you apply effects and transitions to give you smooth, professional-looking content.

Come Up With Catchy Titles/Thumbnails

The title and thumbnail of your video is what draws people to watch your videos. You can come up with a catchy title and eye-catching thumbnails that will peak the interest of browsers looking for videos like yours.

Click-baiting, or including nearly unbelievable titles and thumbnails on your video when the content isn’t actually that exciting, has become popular. But, a lot of viewers get fed up and unsubscribe to channels when clickbait becomes excessive. Do it at your own risk!

Subscribe To Get More Subscribers

Subscribing to other YouTubers increases the chances of improving your own following. The more subscribers you have, the more likely they are to actually watch your content, become interested, and recommend you to their friends.

Do Collab Videos

Collab videos entail two or more YouTubers teaming up to create a video or a series of videos together. It doesn’t matter how big your channel is, you will get more subscribers and views with this method.

When you do collab videos, you can do a shout out to the other channels so that their viewers will visit your channel to watch their favorite YouTuber working with you. If they like the video, they are more likely to subscribe to you and to watch your content.

Stay Consistent

Consistency is key when it comes to having a successful YouTube channel. To stay consistent, you can upload new videos to your channel on certain days. You can include your upload schedule in the “about” section of your channel page so your subscribers know when to expect something new from you.

If you don’t post consistently, subscribers may become irritated and may not watch your channel for a few days, which can result in lower view rates.



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