Tips to create a Business Facebook Page to increase customer engagement

With home to more than 2 billion active users, Facebook is the best social media marketing platform. It can help business owners engage more customers and increase their traffic. However, to make it possible an engaging Business Facebook Page is the key to success. As a business owner, you have to consider various factors to make your Facebook page more engaging. Here we have some of the tips to help you out.

Personal profile vs Business Facebook Page

A common mistake most people make is they create a personal profile for their company instead of a Business Facebook Page. You should know that Business Page is a recent feature introduced by Facebook that gives business owners access to various optimization tools. If you do not use the actual Business Facebook Page, you will not get access to most of the amazing features like.

  1. High-tech content creation tools
  2. Analytics and insight tools
  3. Brand promoting opportunities
  4. Tools for targeting your market
  5. Much more

Another disadvantage of having a personal profile is that you have to send a friend request to different people to engage. It means customers may not accept your request. On the other hand, with Business Facebook Page you will not have to deal with such issues.

DO NOT publish personal content on Business Page

The worst nightmare of a marketer is publishing personal content on the Business Facebook Page or sharing it with the employers. Your accident can create many problems for your business. To avoid such mistakes, you should assign your Business Facebook Page to only those employees who are responsible and use Facebook for the business purpose only. Make sure that you train all your employees who are new to the field of social media marketing management. Some of the important things they should know are.

  1. What is the right time to publish content
  2. Which type of content they should publish.
  3. Who they should be posting as.

Profile picture and cover photo

When you are working on your Business Facebook Page the most important things you have to consider is the profile picture and cover photo of your page. You have to assure that the pictures will help your customers connect with your business. Your profile picture will be the identity of your business. That is why you should consider using the name or logo of your brand as the profile picture. The next thing is the cover photo. Select a cover photo that has a slogan of your company or products which you are selling. The cover photo should make your customers get interested in the services you are planning to offer. Wisely select your cover photo because your customers would judge your business by the pictures you have posted.

Always add a call to action button

Not adding a call to action button on your Business Facebook Page is the biggest mistake you can make. You can add things like sign up, watch video or book now. It will have a positive impact on your business because customers will not have to look for your website. They can get the services they want from your Facebook page.

Make sure that you optimize your Business Facebook Page properly. It will help you increase your online traffic. You will be able to increase the sales and revenue of your business by targeting the right audience.




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