TOMMY SWANHAUS CO. aims to be the ‘Apple’ of mobile marketing

Innovative company creates one of a kind marketing campaigns

Tommy Swanhaus Co., a mobile marketing company, has been accumulating accolades, awards, and recognition among the industries best of the best. Tommy Swanhaus Co. will be honored as one of the “50 Leading Companies of 2018” by the world’s most trusted online and print community for business and tech professionals, The Silicon Review. Tommy Swanhaus Co. has also been shortlisted by merit to be one of the “Top 10 Most Trustworthy Companies of 2019” by the Enterprise Technology magazine, The CEO Views. In addition, CEO, founder, and entrepreneur Tommy Swanhaus also has been shortlisted as one of the “30 Leaders to Watch in 2019” by The Silicon Review Tech and Business Community and Magazine. While the official company name was founded in 2018; Tommy Swanhaus Co. has been the evolution of the CEO’s marketing, media, and advertising career.

The mobile marketing company has been trained and certified by one of the industry leaders for text message communications, SenText Solutions. Tommy Swanhaus Co. specializes in using the mobile phone, mobile platform, and text messaging as the best way for retailers, restaurants, venues, franchises, small businesses, and public companies to connect with their consumers and customers.

Tommy Swanhaus Co. believes with only around 2% of all companies currently using text messaging to communicate with their customers or audience that there is hockey stick growth potential for businesses that become their clients. Tommy Swanhaus Co. cuts through all the clutter, such as with email and social media and engages its clients’ customers through their mobile platform that allows for direct response engagement and action. The text messaging platform can be used to promote events, discounts, and sales; text to donate; text to join; text linking back to a clients’ social media, photos, online video, live video feeds, and more. Some other fun ways Tommy Swanhaus Co. will use text messaging to drive sales is text to win, VIP rewards, instant lead generation, surveys and other unique ways as the list of possibilities is endless with creativity.

“Statistically, consumers will only open their emails 20% of the time and only 10% of advertisers and brands’ social media followers will be reached with a post,” Swanhaus said.

Tommy Swanhaus Co. has solved this connectivity problem with their mobile platform and text messaging platform that provides the best return on investment out there.

“According to Forbes, 99% of Text Messages are opened within five minutes,” Swanhaus explained. “Text Messaging is 100% spam free and does not need Internet like push Nnotifications or to download an app. Plus, everyone always has their cell phone on them or by them.”

Tommy Swanhaus Co. has positioned itself to be the go-to solution if a restaurant, small company, publicly traded company, or other business is looking for real results or leads that can be measured instantly or in as little as one day. If a company is looking for additional marketing or branding, Tommy Swanhaus Co. is easily able to integrate and promote a client’s current social media, branded content, website, and more.

Tommy Swanhaus Co. is able to revamp a client’s website, run a client’s social media or PPC, and can handle all creative aspects of a company’s marketing. Swanhaus believes in a hands-on approach and to be the first point of contact for his clients.

“We strive to be the Apple of mobile marketing, in terms of ease of use for text messaging and creativity,” Swanhaus said.

Tommy Swanhaus Co. looks forward to connecting with anyone that would like to partner and grow their business. You can learn more about Tommy Swanhaus Co.’s ( services with a free consultation or conversation on how your company can benefit.





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