Top 10 iPhone 11 Accessories

iPhone 11

Apple released its latest iPhones series in 2020 with iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. They have included a lot of mind-blowing features with the new release. You can get the maximum use of the new iPhone 11 with necessary accessories available.

Apple Airpods

Apple has removed the 3.5mm port from its latest iPhones, you can buy Apple Airpods wireless handsfree as an accessory. Its costs about 150$ for Airpods.

Protective Screen

There are a lot of tempered glasses available for the protection of the iPhone 11 screen. It is smart to select a high-quality screen protector to secure the glass. You can afford a screen protector for about 40$


If you are a music lover and prefer having additional accessory for it, you can select better earbuds available. There are several options like Beats Powerbeats Pro which costs about 200$

iPhone Keyboards

Wired and wireless keyboards are available for new iPhone 11. The price depends on the quality and the features available.

Mobile lenses

Photographers choose iPhone 11 since there are lots of options available. With a better lens kit, you can improve your photography even more. A full set of Black Eye lens kit costs about 250$.

Wireless Charger

Wireless charging has become a major feature in modern mobile phones. Since Apple doesn’t provide a wireless charger with the default accessories, you have to buy it separately. You can afford an Ubio Labs wireless charger around 70$.

Phone Case

Different types of phone cases are available for iPhone 11. Since your standard warranty doesn’t cover the physical damages, having protection for your mobile is a good idea. It depends on the way you use your iPhone to decide which phone case matches your requirements. Spigen Tough Armor Phone Case is available for 18$.

Headphone Adapter

Since there is no 3.5mm port available on iPhone 11, you can buy lightning to headphone adapter. If you have your old iPhone’s handsfree with you and still want to use it, this is the best accessory to go for. It may cost about 13$

Fast charger

iPhone 11 supports the fast charging option. But you only get a standard charger by default. You can buy a fast charger to get your iPhone charged by 50% within half an hour. If you use your mobile very often, travel a lot and busy around work, a fast charger will be a good accessory to possess. It costs about 50$ for an Apple 30w charging adapter.

Car Mount

The car mount is another accessory for iPhone 11. If you happen to travel a lot by your car, it is better if you can mount your mobile next to your dashboard. There are car mounts with different features available in the market. You can even buy a car mount which includes a cup holder too. U-Grip cup holder car mount is available for 13$.

When selecting accessories to your iPhone 11, it is better to consider buying top branded, well-supported accessories. Always get the recommendation of your dealer.




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