Transformative Artist Anis Dargaa Hits New Heights of Achievement

The need to capture the human condition and render it into a form interpretable by diverse audiences is one of the many drives that create art.

Such a passion for art in all its various forms provides the kindling for the fires of inspiration that drive Anis Dargaa forth now in the present. Beginning with a workshop at six years old wherein media like painting and pyrography were explored, Anis Dargaa later expanded into theater, performance, and synthesis. Joining the Academy Gretry of Liege, this experience would have a lifelong influence on Dargaa’s work. A graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Liege, he spent eight years studying various disciplines under the general banner of graphic art and advertising. Here, he discovered his love of oil painting and sculpture as a means of artistic expression.

In 2006, Anis Dargaa hit a new milestone in his career as an artist, taking his work to the global stage. With exhibitions in Belgium (Liège, Namur, Brussels), Switzerland (Geneva), Netherlands, Austria (Vienna), the USA (New York), Germany and France (Paris), Anis Dargaa’s work reflects the lens of the human experience and finds universal appreciation wherever it is displayed.

Anis Dargaa is also featured in art fairs across the world including ArtEvent Antwerp, and Linéart Ghent or Art-Cannes. The artist is also a member of esteemed professional organizations such as the National Council of Plastic Arts (where he is an official advisor) as well as CNAP-AIAP / UNESCO.

With all of this attention, it is only natural that his work garners accolades and praise. The winner of multiple awards, Anis Dargaa has taken home both the prize of O’patrimoine and the prize of the city of Cannes. In addition to his pieces on display in museums, numerous works are also part of private collections around the world. In fact, his work “The Elephant” became part of the collector François Fornieri extensive archive of works featuring such masters as Banksy, Richard Orlinski, Jeff Koons, Christo, Panamarenko, and Alechinsky, among others.

With an ever-increasing rise in global prominence has come a huge spike in demand for works by Anis Dargaa. Because of this, the artist was inspired to create his own foundry to meet the demand for his bronze pieces by both museums and private collectors. Having his own foundry will allow him to work year around on his craft and will tailor its output to his needs. One current piece that has garnered attention in the press is his proposed study in bronze the Art Régner at 8m in height. Planned for initial exhibition in the great estates of collectors, the piece will then go on to public forums. Yet, even with such a global presence, Anis Dargaa keeps himself centered on his roots, particularly his home in the province of Liège, in Visé. Noting that such an environment imbues everything with a more personalized touch, Anis Dargaa enjoys receiving guests and entertaining them with a tour-de-force of artistry across multiple fields including wine, cuisine, and, naturally, his art.

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