Travel in Luxury, New York City

New York City is known as The City That Never Sleeps, which is very apt, and a trip to the world’s most well-known city can be anything you make it. NYC is the pinnacle of 5-star quality, combining the outstanding customer service travelers expect from the United States with a one of a kind atmosphere.

From amazing hotels with their very own park to stroll through, to gourmet restaurants that provide the best meals in the Big Apple, there is a world of luxury waiting to be discovered in New York City.


A hotel is more than just a place to rest your head at night, and the Gramercy Park Hotel is an icon of luxury. Not only do guests stay in chic rooms that have been beautifully designed, but they get a key to historic Gramercy Park, NYC’s only private park. The Gramercy offers class and luxury with its dazzling design that is unbeatable.

If you want something with a little more old-world vibe, then the Soho Grand is the place to stay. The hotel collects the best of New York from the last 100-plus years, and puts it all into one glorious luxury package with touch of Europe. Columns, drapes and beautiful vaulted ceilings are all home to guests during a stay at the Soho.


Now that you have checked into your hotel, it is time to dine. The great thing about NYC is the ample options available for dining out. Whether you fancy a gourmet French meal or an Asian fusion experience, there is some different around every corner.

Daniel is one of the city’s most highly praised dining experiences. The contemporary French cuisine restaurant was the brainchild of chef Daniel Boulud. The chef oversees 30 trained professional cooks that prepare exquisite meals to visitors.

Providing views of NYC’s Columbus Circle, visitors to Jean Georges will find a delicious marriage of French and Asian cuisines. This Michelin starred restaurant is world-renowned and visitors can sample its many great recipes on a night out.

Visitors to NYC that want a modern American fine dining experience should look no further than Craft. Head chef Tom Colicchio has made it his mission to present well-prepared dishes that reflect the American family experience. Although the menu may seem ordinary to some, Colicchio wants diners to enjoy the foods, not only of America, but of visitors’ youth.

A Luxury Night Out

Now that you have a hotel and a place to dine, what should you do during a luxury night out in NYC? Like baseball? Why not see a New York Yankees’ game with one of the team’s legends? The party suite at Yankee Stadium not only allows you to hang out with a baseball great, but you can snack on food all game long.

If you don’t like baseball, get a massage at the Red Door Spa instead. Located on Fifth Avenue, this chic spa will get you ready for a night out on the town. Or, it could get you ready for a luxury yacht cruise. Travelers can take a four-hour cruise out into New York Harbor, and see the city from a different angle. The Manhattan skyline will be your backdrop as you sail through the waters around the Statue of Liberty.

New York City offers visitors a luxury experience like no other city in the world. From fine dining to once in a lifetime events, the Big Apple is the epicenter of luxury. 



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