Trevor Perkin. President of HDM Coatings Corporation

In January 2020, Trevor Perkin took the reins of HDM Coatings Corporation, an international distribution company. Having previously worked in art and design, Perkin took on the new challenge of heading HDM and has seen the company grow beyond expectations in a short span of time.

HDM Coatings Corp. specializes in antiviral, antibacterial, anti-pest, and anti-mold additives for topcoats and textile sprays. The company’s products can be applied to create hygienic textiles, antiviral epoxy flooring, paints, and used for bed bug eradication, and more. HDM’s all-in-one product, PurityPRO is available for transportation, hospitality, industrial, commercial and residential settings. With the spread of the coronavirus and Countries attempting to flatten the curve, HDM has begun seeing a large amount of interest in its PurityPRO product lines.

Now, with over seven months under his belt as company president, Perkin is ready to continue helping HDM Coatings develop and grow, in spite of the uncertain times.

Trevor, HDM offers pure, safe, and sanitizing solutions to the world. Right now we are in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. In a time such as this, how important is it for companies to have sanitizing agents for cleaning purposes?

Creating environments where viruses cannot live is paramount and should be a top priority for businesses today. HDM Coatings Corp. coats mattresses, carpets, clothing lines, seating areas, floors and walls, among other surfaces. If you can touch it, we can likely coat it. Once coated, our surfaces are made uninhabitable to viruses, exoskeleton insects, including bedbugs, fleas, ticks, cockroaches, and mold, for up to five years.

HDM is confident its PurityPRO solution is effective against the Covid-19 virus. What steps has HDM taken to test the solution against Covid-19 and how will it be used in the future to prevent the spread of the virus?

We have applied for the COVID-19 test. Upon speaking with a virologist professor at a Canadian university, and disclosing our existing test efficacy against existing viruses, including lipid-enveloped viruses, we were informed that our solution would be effective against COVID-19. Formally, we must wait to receive results back before legally making claims. We expect results back soon!

PurityPRO is available for transportation, hospitality, industrial, commercial, and residential settings. How can these industries implement the use of PurityPRO?

PurityPRO is offered in two main kits. First, a textile spray kit, and second, a topcoat additive kit. Using our textile spray kits, consumers can coat any textile, rendering surfaces uninhabitable to viruses, insects, mold, and bacteria for a lasting period of five years. This is revolutionary, safe and washable! Second, our top-coat additive kits work in a plethora of paint colors and are mixable with acrylic, oil, lacquer, and epoxies that can be coated on floors, walls, and anywhere you can apply these common coatings, offering the same properties.

You work hand-in-hand with Donald Meade, who authored a number of anti-viral patents. How did your relationship begin with Donald? What is it like working with him on a daily basis?

The first time I met Donald I was refreshed at how humble, wise, and patient he was. Donald has high business acumen and intelligence, is a fearless leader, a good person, and I consider him a friend. Over time, we built trust, and formed a joint venture, where we successfully rolled out business operations and logistics, and now are seeing sustainable growth. It is good working on a daily basis with Donald. We keep in touch regularly on emerging developments and innovate solutions to help the economy recover from the current and ongoing impacts of COVID-19. As a prudent young businessman, I went through a lot of research trying to find a product that really worked. The anti-viral market is emerging fast these days, not just because of Covid-19, but also due to diseases and viruses of all forms.

In January of this year, just weeks before the coronavirus made news worldwide, Perkin became president of HDM Coatings. He has learned a lot since moving into the position while working long hours each day to progress the company forward.

Trevor Perkin. President

Trevor Perkin. President

Trevor, you only became president of HDM in January. How was the transition from your previous area of expertise into your current role?

I work many more hours per day now! My past experience has translated exactly into what HDM Coatings Corp. requires in a president. I have the technical knowledge to comprise the workability of our main agent into paints and topcoats and the business acumen needed to drive our business forward.

What lessons did you learn in previous roles that have helped you in your current role?

Understanding and executing tasks has been paramount in my successful transition into my role at HDM Coatings Corp. My roots as Director of Quality Décor Painting & Decorating Inc. has poised me with the capacity to manage the vastly expanding responsibilities of PurityPRO’s products during this crucial time in our world.

HDM has had a whirlwind few months with the company after it was only incorporated in May 2020. The coronavirus pandemic has led to Perkin being able to focus even more on his new brand.

How difficult was it to take on the role of HDM Coatings Corp. president with the coronavirus pandemic hitting North America just a few months later?

At the time, I was focusing on my web and logo design company. This is when I discovered our founder’s amazing works and felt it would be advantageous to further his efforts with my technical knowledge of topcoats. I am proud to share that with much effort, we were able to incorporate my company on May 1, 2020.

What led you to your current role at HDM?

A vision to blend my previous technical knowledge in order to realize hygienic environments all around the world.

Trevor, you are a third-generation painter. How did you get involved with painting and how has it been passed down through your family?

My roots carry to my grandmother, Ruth, who managed and opened local painting stores in Canada. She was well respected and had exceptional technical knowledge of paints. My father, ‘Perk,’ opened Quality Decor Painting & Decorating Inc. in 1979 with my mother, Colleen. I worked with every topcoat imaginable. I eventually assumed the role as Director and together we built a strong company.

In spite of many businesses struggling due to the coronavirus pandemic, Perkin has seen a rise in interest in PurityPRO. Thanks to the brand’s antiviral products, it could see plenty of sales in the coming 12 months.

Left to Right: Rachel Van Gerven (Executive V.P.) Trevor Perkin (President) Rebecca MacLary (Senior V.P)

Left to Right: Rachel Van Gerven (Executive V.P.) Trevor Perkin (President) Rebecca MacLary (Senior V.P)

With the coronavirus pandemic currently affecting the world, how will that alter the growth of HDM in the coming year?

This has created a major call for our product offerings in the market today. Due to the pandemic there has been a surge of demand for PurityPRO. Unlike others, our technology has staying powers of up to five years. Many current products begin to lose efficacy, often within 24 hours, whereas our antiviral, anti-insect, and anti-mold solutions offer affordable and lasting protection.

Trevor, what is a day in your life like?

I wake up and give thanks for another day. Then, it’s go-time! I oversee the Corporation’s developments and work in collaboration with our founder and members to strategically push out our business plans.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

I have inner peace… mostly. I designed our website,, and I love a good round of golf!

Can you share your two favorite quotes with us?

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”- Aristotle

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” – Albert Einstein

If you had the power to change just one thing in the world what would it be?

I would provide as many safe, sanitary, and hygienic environments to the world as possible.

Trevor, is there anything else you would like to add?

I am proud to announce that we have officially launched our campaign and are open to investors for a 10% stake in our Corp. for a limited time. Please contact or visit visit

PurityPRO has been on the cutting-edge of supplying customers in need of antiviral products. North America continues to struggle to deal with the first wave of coronavirus and HDM Coatings has the opportunity to grow and help those in need.

Perkin’s work with HDM only started this year and in a short time, has helped the company grow beyond early expectations. With a need for antiviral coatings and more products, HDM should see even more growth as the year moves on.

For more information on Trevor Perkin and HDM Coatings Corporation, visit

Images credit: Zack Berjawi



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