WGNB, Award-Winning Korean Architecture Firm, Is Working On The Renovation Of SVRN Dollar Store


After a year of planning and five months of building projects, SVRN has reopened with a development that encompasses a total of 4,200 sq ft and features architectural style that is eccentrically innovative. This architecture surpasses the customary landscape of a retail store in order to provide an engaging experience for customers.

Who did the makeover for SVRN store?

SVRN, a premium boutique in Chicago that sells merchandise from a variety of various brands, has just reopened its location in the West Loop after undergoing a significant expansion and a futuristic makeover. The renovation was directed by WGNB, an architectural studio from Korea that was awarded the title of Emerging Interior Design Studio of the Year 2021 by Dezeen.

What are the themes of the new upgrade?

This was done in recognition of the fact that SVRN CEO David Kim is of Korean ancestry and of the story of persistence that managed to help his family create a prosperous business venture. The Kim family was able to keep their business going despite facing a number of challenges, such as the destruction of their initial store and the subsequent rebuilding of it after it was looted and destroyed during the riots. Symbolizing the contrast between balance and tension that has enabled the Kim family business to grow and expand, and ultimately resulting in the upgraded and more innovative SVRN, Remodeling features a blend of synthetic and natural shapes and materials. This blend was done on purpose, and it can be seen throughout the project. Due to the fact that it takes a creative and intersectional approach, the new site represents a significant advancement for the fashion retail sector in Chicago. In order to mark the occasion of the establishment’s refurbishment coming to a successful conclusion on September 1, 2022, there will be a party held there.

According to Jonghwan Baek, who serves as both the creative director and muse of WGNB, by representing the Eastern philosophy, SVRN’s viewpoint would speak of collections that are not only the consequence of fashion and trends, but transcend apparel. WGNB was able to execute Kim family’s tale of endurance via an aesthetic perspective. The buildout of the shop not only enhances the Chicago retail environment, but presents a powerful message. WGNB was able to execute the Kim family’s tale of endurance via an aesthetic perspective.

How long did the renovation go on?

This news comes after a time of rigorous planning and design that lasted for a total of 14 months, as well as a closure of SVRN that lasted for a total of 5 months. The retail establishment is overjoyed to finally throw up its doors and provide Chicago with this fascinating new business opportunity.

Particulars of the SVRN Remodeling Project:

  • The very first project of its kind that WGNB has ever taken on in North America, in collaboration with HNR and Helios.
  • Expanding your space by an additional 1,200 square feet!
  • Stainless steel and Venetian plaster, together with natural volcanic rocks, blackened wood, and linen, are used to provide a contrast of connectedness that is essential to the corporate image of SVRN.

The History of SVRN

SVRN is a high-end boutique that can be found in Chicago’s hip West Loop neighborhood. It carries a variety of well-known brands, including Rick Owens, Maison Margiela, Jil Sander, and many more. After being in business for the last forty years, this shop has accumulated a history that is unparalleled by any other in the city. And it’s all because to a family who emigrated from South Korea to the United States despite the fact that they had practically little money, no relatives living there, and no chance to advance in their careers. Due to the fact that it is one of the few experimental fashion stores in the city, SVRN has been a hotspot for both local and international fashionistas ever since it first opened its doors in 2012. The reimagining of SVRN is part of an initiative to transform the network into a focal point for creative expression in the fields of fashion, art, and culture.

Browse their website and Instagram whenever you have some free time. If you have any questions or would like to RSVP for the grand reopening ceremony, you can get in touch with SVRN by sending an email to yusra@svn.com or calling +1 (630) 441-5635.



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