What Is Good And Bad About The Facebook Marketplace


As with every marketplace we currently use, there are advantages and disadvantages of the Facebook Marketplace. If you are new to online business or looking for an alternative, it is important to have a better understanding of the Facebook Marketplace. Knowing how to get Facebook Marketplace, how to add listings in the Facebook Marketplace, and items for sale on the Facebook marketplace will help you expand your business.

Good things about the Facebook Marketplace

It is free

Imagine having a marketplace with millions of users and you don’t have to pay to get started. It will be a great boost for a new entrepreneur to kick-off his business. As it is free to use, anyone who is willing to approach online buying and selling can use the opportunity to get things going. There are various business opportunities on Facebook for newcomers. Even large businesses can use it to reach their customers.

Many customers

It is possible on Facebook Marketplace to pay and boost an ad for potential buyers. You can customize the ad to reach the targeted buyers in the relevant age group, area, and even the relevant gender. This is a great opportunity to find the targeted customer group and show your availability.


In other online business platforms, there is only a username visible to the buyers to see who is contacting them. But, on Facebook, the seller can see the customers’ profiles and see the basic details enough to know who he is messaging. It provides transparency and builds trust between the buyer and the seller.

Promoting opportunities

Even though the marketplace is free, the listings are limited to a few listings a day. If you are ready to spend some money on promoting, you can create an ad by paying to promote your business. It isn’t a waste of money as it can reach many customers and make your business grow within a short period. You can even share your listings in the groups.

Advanced search options

There are many filters for the users to search for the exact product that they are looking for. The advanced searching tool allows them to quickly find anything they want and buy it or contact the seller with a few clicks.

Drawbacks of the Facebook Marketplace

Fake buyers

Since there are many Facebook users, there are scammers and fake buyers in it. This is a major weakness in Facebook Marketplace as both the buyers and sellers can become victims of fraud and scams. You will get many messages asking for the price but you will never hear from them again.

Low offers

Many people will ask for your products at lower prices than you listed. This is frustrating and annoying to the genuine sellers. People who ask for such low prices can be fake buyers or rivals.

Limited Availability

Though the Facebook Marketplace is launched in 2016, it is still not available for some regions yet. It means it cannot be used by all the people on Facebook. This unavailability can cause some people to distract and move on to other online platforms. This is a disadvantage for businesses especially the new sellers.

Facebook Marketplace is a better place for online shopping. If Facebook can find solutions to these issues, it will become a reliable marketplace with Facebook’s popularity and advance features.




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