Whatsapp Business Directory – Is it the next big revolution?

Whatsapp For Business

The brand new WhatsApp feature is soon to come. There are rumors that it is going to be a top-notch feature to give users a whole new experience to use the WhatsApp business app.

Whatsapp has been a messenger that allowed its users to stay in touch with their contacts with end-to-end encryption. It became popular on both Android and iOS as it is simple to use and there are plenty of features. People use WhatsApp for pc too. New businesses use Whatsapp as their medium of reaching customers and staying in touch with them.  With the recent pandemic situation, most of the necessary services became online and people used Whatsapp more than before.

Whatsapp business app

In January 2018, Whatsapp released a separate app for business. It allows business owners to personally connect with their customers, highlight and promote their products and services, and answer and assist their questions during the shopping process. There are many features such as creating a catalog to showcase the available products and services. It is now possible to sort and instantly respond to messages. This made the interactions between the business owners and clients more precise and time-saving.

The New ‚ÄúBusinesses Nearby‚ÄĚ feature

Whatsapp business directory feature will take the searching experience to the next level. It allows the users to search for something in different categories. It allows users to search for Photos, Videos, Links, GIFs, Audio, and Documents and there is an added feature as businesses nearby.

Businesses nearby is an option to filter the search results and find the nearest available options. As an example, if you search for a restaurant, and filter it to find the businesses nearby, it will filter the search results to show you the most reachable options from the list. Though this feature is not yet released, it will be a cool feature for the users to save time and find precise results.

WABetaInfo has reported that the new business directory feature and the businesses nearby feature are to be released for some regions. The business directory feature was first released for some users in S√£o Paulo, Brazil. Likewise, the new businesses nearby feature will also be available for some regions before releasing it worldwide. This feature will help users to stay in touch with the different business types and find them easily. By making the businesses to be located with an advanced filter system, Whatsapp will be helpful for new businesses to find customers.

‚ÄúBusinesses Nearby‚ÄĚ for small and medium businesses

As a business, it will be important to find customers from the area where the business place is located. This will come in handy for the new businesses that are looking to promote their business and get the word going in the area. It will be a great opportunity to grow as a business and reach customers in the closest range. Building such a customer base with the help of the Whatsapp business app, there will be more opportunities to take the business to other areas and expand the business.




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