Where to go this September? Try one of these amazing destinations

September is the perfect time for a luxury getaway. For those of us in the northern hemisphere, autumn is upon us and a trip away to an exotic, or not so exotic, location allows you to end the year on a high. September luxury getaways give you the chance to experience one last beach holiday or perhaps you want to see the gorgeous colors of the season with a trip to the country.

From beach blasts to colorful autumn escapes, these travel destinations are sensational for September.


Is there anything better than France in the autumn? I didn’t think so. The Loire Valley is an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. It is pure French countryside with green hills, forests, and vineyards. The river valley is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site giving culture vultures the chance to explore the architecture and history of the region.

Situated in central France, the Loire Valley is 170 miles of shear rural beauty. The area attracted the French royal families and wealthy land owners in the past. Luxurious chateaus dot the area with well-kept lawns and gardens.

Luxury accommodation in the Loire Valley includes the historic Les Hauts de Loire hotel. The 19th-century hotel was once a hunting lodge. It is centrally located in the Loire Valley and visitors can reach the beautiful attractions of the Chateau de Chaumont and Chateau Royal d’Amboise with ease.

For an even more romantic escape, the Loire Valley Retreat provides four private cottages for visitors looking for some rural privacy. The countryside lodging is perfect for autumn as you can watch the foliage change while exploring the cafes, wineries, and restaurants in the valley.


Do you want one last frolic in the sun before the warm weather disappears? The Costa de Sol has all the sun you can soak up in September. Spain’s Costa del Sol averages over 320 days of sun each year, so if you live in a northerly city with grey skies this time of year, it is the place to go.

The Nobu Hotel Marbella is an adults-only hotel that gives you the privacy you need when away. The nearest beach is within walking distance, but if that is too far, or the hangover is too intense, then just head down to the hotel’s elegant pool. There you can relax on sun loungers and sip cocktails while being waited on.

Visitors seeking exercise at the Nobu Hotel Marbella will find it. You can enjoy tennis, mini-golf to work on your putting, and squash to get fit. After working out, head to the hotel’s restaurant or a local nightclub for some afterhours fun.

Marbella definitely has a luxury side with million-dollar yachts and villas up and down the Costa del Sol. It is a fun getaway destination and the beaches are the gem of the region. Various cities on the Costa del Sol have tourist attractions, but you may prefer to cruise the Mediterranean Sea on a hired yacht. Due to the weather and the various tourist focused towns, you can do almost anything while staying on the Costa del Sol.


Buenos Aires is one of the great cities of the world, however, many travelers from the northern hemisphere never visit the Argentine capital due to it being so far away. A non-stop flight from New York City is over 10-hours. A long plane journey can put individuals off traveling to Argentina, but once they arrive in Buenos Aires, they will certainly be glad they took the trip.

Known as the Paris of South America, Buenos Aires has been influenced by the millions of immigrants that descended on the city over the centuries. The city’s architecture reflects the myriad of influences from France, Italy, Spain, and Germany. Traveling down many of the tree-lined boulevards of Buenos Aires, you will feel like you have been transported to Paris. Just like Paris, you will find luxurious hotels, restaurants, and shopping within an arm’s length.

The Palacio Duhau Park Hyatt is one of the top luxury hotels in Buenos Aires. Situated in the wealthy and historical district of Recoleta, you will find plenty of great restaurants to dine in or cafes to sip coffee at. You will also see the old-world influences of architecture on every building you pass.

The hotel itself is decorated in fine marble flooring, chandeliers, and rich brown wood and leather. Guests have their own butler service to take care of every need. The hotel’s garden area doesn’t just attract travelers as locals also visit the Palacio Duhau Park Hyatt for its food and drinks.


The desert resort town of Palm Springs is still hot in September, so travelers looking to extend the summer and sun, look no further than the California city. The temperatures in Palm Springs begin to lower in September. However, even by November, the temperatures in Palm Springs can still hit the high 70s (mid 20s Celsius).

So, why visit Palm Springs in September? Well, you will find near endless days of California sun. The city’s mid-19th century architecture is another reason to visit and to explore the great buildings built over 50 years ago.

Of course, golf is one of the main attractions that bring travelers to Palm Springs. There are over 20 golf courses to play in and around Palm Springs with many having resort hotels attached to them. You can tee off with the gorgeous California mountains as the backdrop while playing courses created by legendary golf course architects like Pete Dye.

As a tourist hot spot, Palm Springs has plenty of luxury hotels to choose from. The L’Horizon Resort and Spa is a boutique hotel set on three-acres of glorious California land. You can stay in your own private bungalow and lounge during the warm California days in the hotel’s infinity pool. What makes the L’Horizon Resort and Spa unique is the rooms. No two rooms are alike and every stay will feel different.

September is a great time to getaway, so don’t miss your chance to explore one of these diverse locales.





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