Which Is Better: Snapchat Or Instagram?

If you use social media, odds are you have a favorite platform. Many users are split on sharing their in-the-now photos and videos with their friends on Snapchat or Instagramā€™s story mode.

In this article, you will find an in-depth look into both of the platforms and you will learn which is the better platform for sharing some of your favorite memories.


Snapchat allows a user to share videos and photos of moments as they are happening.

To begin, videos have a length of about 10 seconds, but an update made to the platform in 2017 allows users to record about six 10-second videos to post on their stories.

Another feature of the platform are the many playful filters, stickers, and text that can be applied. Filters on the platform allow you to give yourself a giant mouth, turn you into a fun animal, and can even let you face swap with photos you have in your camera roll. Updates made in early 2018 allow you to choose special fonts and colors like rainbow, fancy script, old English font, or gradient text. And, because Snapchat is partnered with Bitmoji, you can create a custom avatar that looks just like you and can share it with your friends and followers.

Snap Map allows users to see where their followers are located. The addition of this was worrisome for a many Snapchatters, but the platform lets you toggle your location on and off. A few other features include website links, news stories, and a custom ā€œSnap Codeā€ that can connect you with other Snapchatters.

Lastly, Snapchat recently introduced the video chatting ability that allows you to chat with up to 16 people at a time while still using filters and voice changers!


Instagram is traditionally a platform where you can post photos and short videos on your page. But a few years ago, Instagram added the story feature which quickly became a competitor to Snapchat.

The platformā€™s story mode offers 15 seconds of video as well as a number of filters that you are most likely to see on Facebookā€™s video chat mode, since Instagram is owned by Facebook. You will also be able to tag locations on your Instagram stories, and even add a hashtag so that people who are searching that hashtag can see your story, if your account is not set to private.

There are two features that set Instagram apart from Snapchat. The first is that it offers the user the opportunity to as a two-choice poll. The second is that you can use an eyedropper tool to copy a color exactly to use it with the pen or text tools.


Because of the most recent update that allows you to video chat with friends, and the access to news and other features, Snapchat takes the cake on this one. But, the tides could change rather quickly.

Instagram could always update to offer similar features to Snapchatā€™s most recent ones. Only time will tell!



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