Wider 130 The Yacht of the Future

When Wider officially launched Bartali, a 150 ft yacht, several years ago, this Italian brand proved that motor yachts might be designed around function instead of focusing on the form. In the case of Wider, the functions included propulsion systems that are considered as most fuel-efficient in the world of yachting. They also feature an unbelievable amount of the usable deck space for guests and owners and staterooms, and wide-open saloons.

Previously, Wider launched 165 Cecilia, the bigger sibling of Bartali and now creating a new 130 at its Ancona facility. It is expected that Wider will launch 130 in the next summer.

Like the sister ships of Wider 130, it’ll live up to its name with 27ft and 7-inch beam that would help the designers to make more thatn 2300 sq ft of usable deck space, a square footage usually found on bigger yachts. The 3 zones include a transom beach club that opens to the sea, an aft bridge deck ideal for social gatherings and dining, and last but not the least, a foredeck that’s wide-open for privacy and sunning.

The diesel-electric propulsion of Wider is positioned amidships instead of the stern like majority of yachts. There are no engines in back, allowing the designers to expand it to be a beach club, which is a serious relaxation space rather than a tender or nook garage.

The garage of Wider 130 is forward instead at the stern and can accommodate 16 ft tender and 2 jet skis. What makes diesel-electric engines the best in the industry is that they offer 20% fuel efficiency compared to the conventional diesels that have a fuel consumption of about twenty-two gallons each hour at ten knots. Wider 130 has also a range of 3400 nautical miles at the same speed. Wider may run on battery power as well for up to 6 hours. There are no diesel fumes or engine vibration only the waves lapping against the hull, which will give you a feel of living abroad in a 19th century sailing yacht yet with access to every modern convenience.

The diesel electric engines’ center placement means that the cabins for the guests have gained additional space aft. Wider 130’s full-beam master suite forward is basically palatial for a 130ft yacht with an opening terrace where owners can enjoy private meals or just stare at night sky. The yacht’s saloon comes with floor to ceiling windows and 6’ 11” headroom, which is absolutely big. It is also bathed in natural light. The views are also exceptional with bulwarks that drop along its sides.

Its sky lounge is 915 sq ft, which is on the yacht’s top bridge. This is another big gathering space that invites outdoors inside through its full-height glass door.

According to Wider’s head of design, Michele Lubrano, tons of thoughts have gone into each detail of the layout of Wider 130. He added that they provide spacious areas for all guests that flow well from 1 space to the next, yet they also designed this yacht so the crew would work discreetly and efficiently through a special passageway. Wider 130 has also quarters for its 6 crew members and captain.



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