World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation Enters Into Multi-Year Arrangement for Streaming with SM1 Television Network

Management of World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation (WWMPC) is pleased to announce the recent collaboration with regional streaming service, SM1 Television Network, in Texas servicing the Southwest, United States.

SM1 currently has subscribers throughout the Southwest paying $4.99 per month and pushing out its marketing campaigns through a wide variety of traditional media along with Facebook ads and other platforms. As the service breaks into the streaming market, it’s offering an attractive 7-day free trial.

SM1 has continued to invest growth capital into the expansion of the platform in order to expand its national presence in the streaming corridor with other competitors. Ad campaigns have been launched on a continual run basis appearing periodically through Peacock, CBS, ESPN, Hulu and NBC.

“We’re very excited to develop this relationship with SM1 as a regional streaming service in the Southwest. I’m hopeful that the company can enter into a variety of other similar arrangements throughout the U.S. in an effort to expand a network of similar services to accommodate various audiences with the company’s wide variety of content,” Paul Hancock, President/CEO stated.

SM1’s first selection of content from WWMPC’s library will include Feature Films, episodic television shows and documentaries encompassing all genres.

“The slowdown in theatrical releases for smaller films over the last two years due to the pandemic has necessitated our exploration of, and collaboration with, more non-theatrical Gross Corridors, including a much wider array of streaming services like SM1,” Hancock further stated.

SM1 provides a comprehensive streaming service which gives users the opportunity to select from various titles of live and on-demand programming, including television shows, movies, music videos, podcast, documentaries and concerts.

SM1 recently contracted with Apple, Amazon Fire TV and Roku to expand its footprint in the VOD space. Some of their current popular original titles include, The Untold Story of Elgin Davis (the former running back for New England Patriots) and Best Buddies, starring musical artist T-Rell.

“SM1 is pleased to develop this relationship with World Wide, in order to bring a more unique and varied library of film and television product to our subscribers,” stated Clay Dustin, Founder and CEO of SM1.

In 2022, around 71% of American viewers have watched content from two or more SVOD providers among the five largest including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO Max, and Disney+, up from 59% percent in the previous year and continues to grow.

Founded in 1977, World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation ( is a diversified company with shareholders throughout the world, primarily involved in the development, financing, production and distribution of feature films, documentaries, short subjects, industrials and television productions. World Wide’s industry executives and board members have produced, distributed, and consulted on a wide variety of film and television projects, earning Academy awards, Emmy awards, and prizes from international film festivals.



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