World’s Most Expensive Destinations

Wilderness Safaris Bisate Lodge

Five-star luxury doesn’t come cheap and why would it? If everyone could afford five-star hotels, holidays, and dinners, then it would just be normal and run of the mill. Budget travel and backpacking are for kids. So, if you are looking for expensive destinations and a five-star luxury port of call, you should book your next trip to one of these amazing places.


Fregate Island Private The Seychelles are known for their luxurious accommodation, gourmet meals, and incredible beaches. Located in the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles is an island nation situated off the coast of Madagascar. The Seychelles is an expensive destination thanks to the five-star luxury you can find there. Travelers will discover a variety of gorgeous resorts, adventure, and natural settings to die for on the island.

The island chain can be reached by Seychelles International Airport with airfare varying depending on where you depart from. Once on the islands, you can hop around thanks to the ferries that connect each destination. One of the highlights of the Seychelles is the Fregate Island Private which provides breathtaking villas at over $4,000 per night. The Six Sense Zil Pasyon is another top treat on the Sychelles with villas featuring beach views.

Six Sense Zil Pasyon

Variety is the spice of life and the Seychelles provides it to visitors. Each island has its own geography and character. While beach activities will most likely take up your time, you will also find hiking, cycling, and other great outdoor activity at your doorstep.

Whether you are looking for an island locale or a safari trip, these expensive destinations have something for everyone if you can afford it.


Bisate Lodge

What makes Rwanda one of the most expensive travel destinations in the world? The Wilderness Safaris Bisate Lodge, which is a world-class travel destination that offers an incredible location for an extended stay. The lodge provides six villas to visitors and their exclusivity is one reason for the price.

Rates for the lodge are set by the season. Travelers will pay as high as $1,654 per night, per person at the height of travel season. What do you get for the price? Each lodge is decorated and designed in the theme of traditional Rwandan architecture. Each lodge comes with a fireplace for those cool Rwandan nights.

Not only will you feel cozy in the lodge, but you will be able to view the natural beauty and wildlife of the country. One of the highlights is seeing the gorilla conservation area around the Wilderness Safaris Bisate Lodge. There is even an opportunity to take part in the program. The lodge is located near the Karisimbi, Bisoke, and Mikeno volcanoes and sits in the crater of another volcano that has eroded away.

The Wilderness Safaris Bisate Lodge is a one of a kind luxury destination with five-star food, rooms, and spa. With just six villas to rent, the Wilderness Safaris Bisate Lodge is an experience few can claim to have had.


Laucala Island Resort

South Pacific country Fiji is made up of over 300 islands. Its most expensive and luxurious destination is the Laucala Island Resort which is home to the Hilltop Villa.

Laucala Island Resort is a private vacation home of ultra-rich energy drink mogul Dietrich Mateschitz. The resort head honcho is the owner of Red Bull and has plowed his riches into the island destination. The resort is beautifully located amongst the forests and beaches of the island. Travelers will find a top-class golf course, relaxing swimming pools, and gorgeous waterfalls.

Laucala Island Resort is made up of 25 exclusive villas. The villas have traditional Fijian architecture and thatched roofs. Each accommodation has been designed to provide comfort to visitors but also to offer an authentic island feel.

You will be waited on hand and foot while staying at the resort. A ratio of four staff members to one guest awaits travelers. If it is sports and activities you seek while visiting the Fijian island, then you will find it. A variety of water sports including sailing and jet skiing are available. After you have spent the morning outdoors in the sun, it is time to head to the spa for a relaxing treatment.

A stay at the resort will set you back around $4,000 a night. But with cuisine overseen by Australian chef Anthony Healy, it is well worth the money for the exclusive holiday destination.

If you want something even more exclusive on Laucala, then you will need an invite to the Hilltop Villa. You must be approved by the resort to stay at the Hilltop Villa. It is for the ultra-wealthy at over $48,000 per day.

Virgin Islands

Necker Island

The Virgin Islands are the home of the ultra-exclusive Necker Island resort. It is a private island locale for wealthy individuals. Celebrities, politicians, and other movers and shakers regularly visit Necker Island to experience an out of this world experience.

Necker Island is the private holiday destination for billionaire Richard Branson. If you want to rent out the island it will cost you over $77,000 per night. In late 2018, Necker Island reopened after renovation work was completed on the resort. Hurricane Irma had done damage to the tropical resort. Now, it looks better than ever.

The resort has 11 guest houses all with their own idyllic idiosyncrasies. One of the highlights of each guest house is the amazing wraparound balconies connected to each bedroom. There is nothing better than lying in bed at night and feeling the Caribbean winds blow all around your body. Start your day by sitting on your extra-large balcony while listening to the waves crash on shore as you sip coffee.

If you have $77,500 per night and up to 30 friends, then you can rent out Branson’s humble abode. The guest rooms and resort can accommodate up to 30 people, allowing you to have an unforgettable holiday. Necker Island may be the most exclusive destination on our list of the World’s most expensive destinations.




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