Zahroof Valves Transforming the Oil and Gas Industry, One Valve at a Time


Rapid technological change has become the norm in our daily lives. But for over a century, compressor valves remained unchanged. These overlooked components are used within a compressor to allow gas flow to and from the cylinder area. Compressor valves are not popularly known, yet they are one of the indispensable components of the oil and gas industry and helps make our economy hum.

Zahroof Valves Inc. (ZVI) was founded in 2010 to develop and market a new groundbreaking compressor valve based on technology that the founder and CEO, Zahroof Mohamed, developed. This led to the creation of the technology of the “Modular Reed Valve”, which he later coined the “StraightFlo Valve”. In December 2010, he founded Zahroof Valves Inc. to commercialize the application of the Modular Reed Valve (MRV) technology for reciprocating compressors, specifically targeting the oil and gas energy industry.

The award-winning and patented ZVI Straightflo Valve is a direct “drop-in” replacement for all manufacturers’ compressor valves and can be operated in various compression applications. The revolutionary design has enabled ZVI to offer its industry leading 10-year warranty on its stainless-steel valve housings. Usage data shows that the ZVI Straightflo Valve can improve valve efficiency by up to 20% and significantly extend run time between valve service intervals by more than a factor of five. The StraightFlo valve offers reduced noise and vibrations. Measurements have shown that vibrations have dropped by a factor of 10 and noise by 7 decibels when replacing conventional valves with Zahroof valves.

The StraightFlo valve has a unique design where several standard and interchangeable modules are held stationary between the valve seat and carrier. The modules are designed so that the gas flows straight through the valves without any changes in direction or incurring mixing losses. This makes the valves much more efficient than conventional valves, reducing compressor power and emissions.

The design also makes the valve very tolerant to liquids and solids in the gas stream making it highly reliable, minimizing down time. The StraightFlo Valve also offers greater improved reliability because all wear is contained in the modules. You can replace the modules to refurbish the valves. No machining is needed to weaken the valve and reduce its factor of safety. In the event of failure, it is gradual and valves with several modules can continue to operate with some failed modules unlike a plate valve where failure requires an immediate change of valves.

The innovative StraightFlo Valve offers 3 to 18% better compressor efficiency depending on the application. This means lower power, less fuel consumed, lower engine emissions and hence a better carbon footprint. ZVI guarantees a 20% improvement in valve losses compared to the valve it replaces in an application. Using the saved power, companies can realize more throughput through the same compressor.

In the oil and gas industry, the StraightFlo Valve finds application in natural gas production, gathering, transmission, injection and distribution, enhanced oil recovery using CO2 and Air drilling. The StraightFlo valves are especially effective in CO2 applications and in the compression of heavier mole weight applications as reliability and efficiency are greatly enhanced over conventional valves. In CO2 applications, higher speed compressors can be used with the same valve efficiency and reliability that is obtained with conventional valves.

The StraightFlo Valve has had a proven and tangible impact on the energy sector through the company’s aggressive growth and expansion, with operations now in the United States, Canada, Australia and Eastern Europe. ZVI has earned notable recognitions such as the Land-based Pipeline Technology Award, the prestigious Edison Award in the “Carbon Reduction” category and multiple other awards. With one innovative new valve design, Zahroof Valves Inc. is working to modernize the oil and gas industry for superior performance, safety and quality while ensuring a lower carbon footprint.



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