$4 Million Submarine by Aston Martin. Neptuno Project

Aston Martin recognized worldwide as one of the best vehicle manufacturers worldwide recently announced that it merged with the company Triton Submarines to develop a luxurious submarine with the highest standards of excellence. This will be the first Aston Martin submersible model and is known as the Neptune Project. The vehicle accommodates 3 people with a unique design that has silver blade-like pots and a large central acrylic bubble that allows a wide underwater view.

British carmakers expect this submarine to be available for sale in less than a year and its value will be $ 4 million when only a DB11 with a V8 engine will cost about $ 200 000. Aston Martin is considered one of the best manufacturers because in 100 years they have only manufactured 80 000 cars and announced that they will manufacture only 12 submarines per year, maintaining the exclusivity of the brand.

The combination of Triton Submarines, a manufacturer of submersibles with more than 10 years in the market-based in Florida, and Aston Martin is a demonstration of the projection of both companies into the future.

The submersible is based on Triton’s Low Profile (LP) platform, which was only designed primarily for superyachts. The Neptune Project is only 5.9 feet tall and weighs approximately 8,800 pounds, is considered the smallest and lightest submarine for three people worldwide. It can reach depths of 1,650 feet and can sail at 3 knots or 3.5 miles per hour. This luxurious submarine also has air conditioning.

Aston Martin has spent several years investing ideas in new equipment other than cars, last year they unveiled a large boat that has more than 1000 brakes of power created in conjunction with Quintessence Yachts and naval architects of Mulder Design. They also partnered with Miami-based G & G Business Developments at Aston Martin Residences to do a 400-unit oceanfront condominium project in downtown Miami.

To continue innovating, Aston Martin partnered with Triton to manufacture this luxurious submarine and make these brands more knowledge and exclusivity to meet the highest standards. Never before had a company had the idea of designing such a luxurious piece to sail underwater. Thanks to the elegance of Aston Martin and the luxurious designs of Triton have been able to elaborate this Project Neptune to give another sense to the diving.

The design, exclusivity, engineering, and manufacturing of the Neptuno Project is very select and the staff chosen for its elaboration was selected by the best of Aston Martin and Triton. This submarine is an example of how far you can get the engineering and luxury of Aston Martin. The unique and elegant designs of each car are carried under the water to show that it can be luxurious even in that sense.

The Neptune Project is an iconic showcase for Aston Martin Consulting. It’s a clear and compelling demonstration of how Aston Martin’s experience in the design and manufacture of sports cars can extend to new aspects of the world of luxury.



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