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Straight from the Heart

For an all out statement of love, surprise your special someone with our Straight From The Heart Valentine’s Chocolates. This collection of chocolates includes some of our most coveted creations Р35 chocolates, to be exact.

These chocolates are beautifully arranged in a heart-shaped box, so they arrive ready to give to your loved one. Whether you’re planning on showing up at their door with a box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers or want to treat them to a picnic in the park, our Straight From The Heart chocolate box is the perfect Valentine’s Day companion. From tipsy Pink Champagne truffles to elegant Praline Oysters, this splendid collection encapsulates the spirit of Hotel Chocolat. Indulgent, high-cacao, and always divine, these chocolates were crafted to be cherished and remembered.

Our Raspberry Smoothie, Lemon Curd, Strawberry Mousse, and Banana Sundae will keep any lover of fruity chocolate satisfied. On the other hand, nut chocolate devotees will be enamoured with our Pecan, Pistachio, and Gianduja Pralines. Whether they’ll be reaching straight for our indulgent Simple Dark or making eyes at our Fudge Sundae, this box presents them with a varied world of chocolate discovery.

Nibble, chat, and laze the day away while tucking into some irresistible chocolates with your beau. There’s no better way to spend Valentine’s Day. Experience the bliss of premium chocolate made from ethically grown cacao and the finest natural ingredients.


Straight from the Heart

Carnelian Bracelet VIII

The beautiful warm colored Carnelian stones were widely used in the ancient merchant city of Babylon. Many Babylonians carried Carnelian as a stamped seal, as bracelets, or as other pieces of personal jewelry. These seals served as personal signatures and were used as tokens of protection.

But this magical stone wasn’t only worn by ordinary people – it was also an important part of the regalia of the Kings of Babylon. Believing that Carnelian would grant them courage in battle, the Kings adorned their armor and jewelry with it and even incorporated carnelian into their buildings. For these rulers, this gemstone was said to help keep their tempers in check and guide them to rule with wisdom and justice.

Enjoy the beauty and majesty of Carnelian stones in your own life, as the Kings of Babylon once did.

$139 USD

El Cristiano Tequila

Introducing El Cristiano, the world’s finest and additive free ultra premium tequila, made by third generation master tequila makers from the finest Jalisco Highlands Blue Agave. El Cristiano is dedicated to producing the purist tequila with no additives ‚Äď (85% of tequila today has sugars and thickeners added) ‚Äď with a high focus on harvesting only mature agave aged at least five years and certain sizing through sustainable agriculture practices. By establishing this process, they have eliminated the need for additives which would change the true essence of 100% Highlands Blue Weber Agave.

Created at the Casa Tequilera Aceves. Nom 1499, their foundation and premium flavor profiles, ranging from Silver, Reposado and Anejo to Aged Anejo, Extra Aged Anejos and Extra Aged Reposados, El Cristiano also will be introducing an entirely new flavor category with their 11 month barrel aged Extra Reposado. Using a distillation method of traditional distill pots with copper, and aging in American Oak barrels, their tequila is always additive-free and gluten-free, using sustainable practices.

El Cristiano takes pride in their unique, unmatched collection offerings and tasting notes. Now featuring the finest Jalisco Highlands Blue Weber Aged Agave, offering exceptional quality and taste, El Cristiano Tequila provides sustainable, additive-free, and gluten-free tequila.

Enjoy the El Cristiano Tequila custom gift box set, the perfect gift for yourself or that special tequila lover! These boxes feature El Cristiano Tequila’ with a two flavor offering. Choose either their best-selling Black label Extra Aged Anejo, signature Reposado or signature Silver. (Gift box is $120 at www.el-cristiano.com) Follow on social media at @elcristianotequila on Instagram.

*Please drink responsibly

Tequila El Cristiano - Gift Box

Vital Red Light: Red Light Therapy At-Home Devices

Vital Red Light‘s Vital Pro is the perfect gift for skin wellness enthusiasts. The Vital Pro is a targeted red and near-infrared LED light therapy device that improves skin, cellular health, inflammation, mood, energy, sleep, & much more.

Experience all the benefits of light therapy in the comfort of your own home with easy to use, safe & effective 10-minute treatments with the Vital Pro.

Recommended and used by professional athletes, beauty experts, and doctors worldwide, to benefit overall skin health, hair growth, anti-aging, mental sharpness, pain, and muscle recovery.

$479.00 USD

Effy 14K Rose Gold Pink Sapphire and Diamond Crossover Ring

Metal: 14K Gold

Metal Color: Rose

Stones: Round Diamond 0.33

Baguette Pink Sapphire 1.71

Top Width: 1/2″

$3,076.50 USD

Effy 14K Rose Gold Pink Sapphire

MEOMARI Bandettini Gold Tone Dog Collar

Chic and unequalled, the Bandettini gold tone dog collar is a jewel waiting to be worn. Effortless in its elegance and with a warmth and depth catching a myriad of light.

  • Made from 100% malleable brass mesh
  • Gold coated
  • Can withstand the pulling force of dogs up to 13.22 lb (10kg)
  • With a weight of¬†0.05 KG it is a light weight¬†comfortable collar to wear
  • Brass has antibacterial properties and is easy to clean
  • Original design patented¬†by Meomari
  • Fits neck 9.44 inches to 11.41 inches (24 cm to 29 cm)
  • With a bow that looks good on both male and female dogs
  • Meomari’s collars have been handcrafted to perfection in Italy

$320.00 USD



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