5 Stocks to Buy During the Coronavirus Pandemic

5 Stocks to Buy

Everybody likes to grow their hard-earned wealth. Investing in the stock market is popular among people who are willing to grow their wealth. If a person interested in approaching the stock market, it is essential to know how to approach the stock market, how to buy stocks and how to choose stocks to buy.

There are two options available to buy stocks. They are the DIY option and the passive option. In the DIY option, you can open a brokerage account and get access to the stocks to buy. In the passive option, you can create a Robo-advisor account. You can get complete investment management through Robo-advisor service.

Impact of Coronavirus on the stock market

There is a downfall in the economy worldwide with the coronavirus outbreak. The impact on the economy causes the stocks to fall the value. The demand for online service companies have increased, and the value of such shares have increased lately. Take this opportunity to your favour.Ā  This situation is an ideal time for adding some of these stocks to your portfolio. The following are the top five shares to buy during the pandemic.

Amazon (AMZN)

Amazon is famous as an online marketplace. It delivers its goods and services worldwide. With the coronavirus pandemic, medical authorities advise staying home and to practice social distancing. People tend to do online shopping throughout this period, and Amazon is an ideal platform for it.

Currently, Amazon stock worth price is around 2300$, which makes it relatively less affordable, but still, one of the best stocks to buy during the Coronavirus epidemic.

Walmart Inc. (WMT)

Walmart is a top retailer with more than 11,000 stores worldwide. People stock up living supplies due to lockdown and the spread of the covid-19. Though the retailers have to close down their stores, Walmart could cater to their customersā€™ needs through online stores.

A WMT stock worths around 120$ currently without hardly getting hit by the global economic crisis.

Zoom Video Communications (ZM)

Since the workplaces are to close due to Coronavirus, companies have to work and host their meeting remotely. Zoom Video Communication is software for online meetings, conferences, and to work from home. Demand for the Zoom has increased with the current situation

Within the last 2-3 months, ZM stock has risen to around 150$ and still growing its price. This growth makes ZM one of the best stocks to buy during Covid-19 pandemic.

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)

Microsoft is a well-reputed company mainly for its software. Microsoft Teams is a software that can use to work from home during the lockdown. Millions of companies and people are using this software now. MSFT stock value has increased, and now its value is around 180$. It is wise to have MSFT stocks in your portfolio as the value increases rapidly.

Teladoc Health Inc. (TDOC)

Teledoc supplies telemedicine and virtual healthcare assistance. People tend to get medical assistance via telephone or online. Since the situation with Coronavirus still to be controlled, the demand for Teledoc has increased. A TDOC stock now worth around 170$ and an ideal stock to buy during Covid-19 pandemic.

If you are new to the stock market, it is wise to start with a Robo-advisor account and work your way up to managing your investments on your own. You will become successful with the experience you gain with the time.



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