Alexandra Itouna

Alexandra Itouna (half Austrian, half Greek) is the founder of ITOUNA Gem Creations. She studied Jewellery design and Graduate Gemologist at the Gemological Institute of America, in LA California. After that, she worked in Bond str. London at the famous jewellery brands, Bulgari, Cartier, Asprey’s and Chaumet. After acquiring enough knowledge and experience with fine jewellery and rare gemstones she fulfills her personal dream and opens in 1998 her own jewellery boutique in the fine shopping area of Athens, Kolonaki.

With great inspiration and passion she designs unique high end jewellery. Exceptional materials and impressive colored gemstones are combined with the finest craftsmanship to create timeless precious works of art. Alexandra Itouna accomplishes her clients most demanding desires, by creating most exquisite and unique pieces.


What is in your opinion a precious jewel?

Inspiration    and    art    combined    with    precious materials   and   high   craftsmanship.

What is its purpose?

To create an individual and glamorous style with something that is also valuable.

How would you describe your jewelry creations?

Precious and unique, timeless and of exceptional craftsmanship and quality. They are distinguished by the impressive  gemstones  and  their extraordinary settings.

Alexandra Itouna rings

Favorite gemstones?

I love most of them. I use a lot of tourmalines and sapphires, which come in all the colors of the rainbow. I am also looking for beautiful and unusual gemstones, which inspire me and I can make impressive designs.

At the moment I am creating also some great jewels with corals.

Your first important steps ?

My  studies  of  Gemology  and  jewellery  Design  at  the  Gemological Institute of America in California and my working experience with Asprey, Bulgari and Cartier in Bond str in London, which gave me the necessary knowledge with high end jewellery.

First success?

The realization of my dream to open my jewellery boutique with my own creations, in the fine shopping area of Athens, Kolonaki.

What is your main aim in your career?

To  fulfill  my  clients  most  demanding  desires,by  creating  for  them unique and beautiful Jewels, that compliment their special moments.

What is a woman’s most  absolute   luxury?

A custom made ‘sur mesure’precious jewel

Your next ambitions?

I would like to make more presentations in Europe and the United States and collaborations with fine stores,in order to achieve a better access to their market.

Alexandra Itouna ring

ITOUNA Gem Creations

7, Kapsali str., 106 74 Kolonaki, Athens – Greece




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