An Investment Worth a Billion Dollars to foster expansion of the digital economy in Saudi Arabia

Center3 Company

Center3 Company, the virtual central office for the Middle East and North Africa, was one of the biggest and most important projects that STC Group, the industry’s top digital enabler, has recently completed and opened for business. The STC Group’s web core resources, such as network infrastructure, underwater connections, global ports of contact, and internet exchange sites, will be transferred to the newly formed firm, which will become the owner of these assets. In attendance at the inaugural ceremony were¬†Chairman of the Board of Directors of STC Group; Minister of Communications and Information Technology; as well as a multitude of other excellencies and high ranking managers of STC Group.

About the project

Through the use of an undersea fiber optic cable, Center3 will function as a supplier of global connectivity for the telecoms industry as well as a collection of data centers that are not affiliated with any one carrier. It hopes to do so through fostering the growth of digital firms and improving prospects for investment in global communication networks. In addition to this, it will boost the capability of cloud services by delivering the most recent communication and storage capabilities and growing the number of data centers. This is being done in order to fulfill the requirements of the markets in Asia, Europe, and Africa, as well as the remainder of the globe.

Why is Saudi Arabia building the Center3?

Center3 was established by the STC Group with the goals of improving the digital system and contributing to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s growing reputation as a regional digital centre point. This endeavor is also in line with the STC Group’s strategic plan to broaden the scope of their operations and increase their market share in in order to accomplish digital autonomy. At Center3, their goal is to construct a unified ecosystem consisting of cables and data centers, with the intention of luring hyper-scalers, big data, and both domestic and foreign service providers.

Services pertaining to international telecommunication, Internet transmission, and data centers will be made available by Center3. They are committed to working toward the realization of the company’s objective of making the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the primary digital hub linking Asia, Europe, with Africa. Their goal is to capture the lion’s share of the Internet communication and data transfer in this part of the world.

What are the goals of the Center3 project?

After the establishment of Center3, STC Group will have successfully concluded its quest of the digital network by creating a number of firms specializing in digitalization, artificial intelligence, cloud services, Internet of Things, and information security. This would assist towards the transformation of the technology economy into a major industrial powerhouse and a worldwide logistics hub, which places the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the vanguard of other nations across the world in modernizing their corporate environments.

Prior to this, during the International Conference known as LEAP, STC Group made an announcement regarding the unveiling of an action plan to establish a primary digital center for both the MENA area with a financing of one billion dollars. The objective of this initiative is to enable growth in both the economy and GDP of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This was accomplished via collaboration with partners both locally and internationally. In addition, the organization had just completed the installation of the first landing station for the undersea cable Saudi Vision Cable, which was located in Jeddah. It is an undersea cable that runs at a fast pace in the Red Sea and stretches for a total length of 1,160,000 meters. Through its landing sites in Jeddah, Yanbu, Dhaba, and Haql, the cable enables high-speed connectivity beyond the boundaries of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).



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