Andreea Porcelli. Co-founder and CEO of CoinBoost, Inc. New York, USA

Andreea Porcelli. Co-founder and CEO of CoinBoost, Inc.

Andreea Porcelli created Monaco Growth Forums as a way to highlight growth companies seeking capital and exposure. The MGF is an invitation only group of elite businesses that are looking for international investors. Porcelli’s business has exploded and MGF events are covered in detail by the world’s media.

After the success of MGF, Andreea Porcelli turned her attention to CoinBoost and poured her more than two decades of experience into creating it. Andreea Porcelli has a long history in investment banking. During her career, Porcelli has acquired over $1 billion in financing for companies around the globe. It is a career that has taken her all over. Now residing in New York City, Andreea Porcelli works hard to grow her already large business empire.

Andreea Porcelli has led an incredible career in the world of finance and she spoke with Total Prestige Magazine about the MGF and her new project CoinBoost.

Andreea, can you tell us about the Monaco Growth Forums [MGF] and how it serves customers outside of the investment-banking environment?

Monaco Growth Forums brings investors and entrepreneurs together in a relaxed convivial environment focused on networking in exclusive locales worldwide.

As an international investment banker with over 20 years of experience, what led you to CoinBoost Inc.?

I saw a need for qualification of ICO offerings that went beyond having a slick digital presence. Quality and security standards needed to be achieved. CoinBoost is a way to measure quality PR service providers in the ICO space and guarantees regarding targeted Use of Proceeds for investors.

Continuing from our last question, what exactly is CoinBoost?

CoinBoost presents investors and ICOs with the first reliable network of service providers from investor relations to events and international media under one insignia that stands for quality and reliability.

Andreea, what sets CoinBoost apart from competitors?

In this rapidly evolving field there are no guidelines for entrepreneurs wishing to promote their ICO or coin to institutional and high net worth investors. While early ICOs could rely on slick digital marketing to successfully close on large sums of funding, today’s ICOs have to be competitive in a more challenging financial environment. Hence, the need for quality assurance in service providers

Please tell us about the MGF CoinBoost Token and how investors and ICO companies can use it?

The token will allow preferred access to entrepreneurs and investors to a range of live events including conferences and roadshows as well as digital and media promotions across such exclusive channels as our partners Class CNBC, MF Dow Jones and the international ICO Channel. By purchasing the token for the use of the ICOs they choose, investors can ensure that their funding is being utilized to further provide liquidity for the Coins of their choosing.

What’s next for Coinboost?

CoinBoost is launching our pre-sale on February 15th followed by the pre-ICO in mid-March. We will be launching the first ever weekly show dedicated to the ICO sector on Class CNBC during the week of February 19th.

Andreea, instinct versus expertise: Which is more important and why?

Both are equally important. Instinct is shaped by expertise in the complex world we live in.

How do you find inspiration?

Travelling the world and understanding the vision that shapes the international entrepreneurs disrupting our economies.

What is the most challenging part of your work?

Finding the time to focus on the projects that I truly care about while growing the business internationally.

What is a day in your life like?

Balancing multiple time zones seven days a week.

What scares you?

That I would have to spend more than one week at a time in one place.

What is your greatest achievement?

Running an international business while raising teenagers in NYC.

Which historical figure do you most admire?

Muriel Siebert

Do you have any hobbies?

Winemaking: I owned a boutique winery in Piedmonte, Italy for 13 years.

What advice would you give to anyone starting a new business?

Be prepared to give your all 24/7.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I am excited to be a part of this wave of entrepreneurial activity sparked by the blockchain and crypto sector providing a new frontier for companies to appeal to international investors.

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