Antti Grönlund has been named the new Managing Director at Appian

Antti Grönlund, Managing Director, Private Equity, Appian Capital Advisory.

Antti Grönlund has been named Management Head, Private Equity at Appian or also called the Company, an investing adviser to long-term valuation private equity firms that engage only in mineral and mining-related firms.

Antti will be an integral element of Appian’s London-based strategy and procedures. He will be in charge of the company’s worldwide finance team and will be tasked with generating, analyzing, arranging, implementing, and supervising private equity deals. In addition to his 18 years of acquisition expertise, Antti has spent the last decade specializing in the energy and natural resources sectors, making him an ideal partner for Appian as it works to further strengthen its dominant position in the mining private equity sector.

Antti served as the Head of Energy & Resources at private equity firm Triton Partners for 3 years before being promoted to his present position. At First Reserve and Quadrangle Capital, where he worked in private equity investing, he was responsible for investing in and growing companies in the manufacturing and construction sectors. Antti began his professional life in the investment finance business at JPMorgan, where he had positions in both London and New York.

At graduation, Antti received a dual CEMS Management Master’s degree at the Helsinki School of Economics (‘HSE’) as well as the London School of Economics.

Appian CEO and co-founder Michael W. Scherb said: “The addition of Antti to our finance group is a testament to Appian’s success in attracting top private equity advisors. His impressive background in power and natural commodities at a number of prestigious private equity investors will be crucial to Appian’s expansion plans in the years to come. I’m excited to collaborate with Antti on the company’s strategic initiatives and provide further return for our shareholders.”

The Managing Director of Private Equity at Appian, Antti Grönlund, made the following statement: “To be honest, I couldn’t be happier to be joining the Appian team. As a result of its unparalleled worldwide presence, groundbreaking business strategy, and industry-defining effective management, the Company has emerged as the undisputed frontrunner in the field of financing in mining properties and the supporting facilities and operations. I’m excited to begin my tenure with Appian’s finance department and to work very closely alongside Michael to further the company’s strategic goals.”

More about Appian Capital Advisory LLP

Long-term value-oriented venture capital funds managed by Appian Capital Advisory LLP that invest only in extraction and mining-related firms.

Appian is a top financial adviser in the minerals and metals sector, with operations in South and North America, Australia, and Africa with a history of helping clients reach their growth goals. They manage a worldwide portfolio of approximately 5,000 people.

In all, Appian employs 58 highly qualified people throughout its offices in England, Canada, Peru, Brazil, and Australia.

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