Benefits of Raising Dogs

Raising Dogs. Benefits

Scientific studies and experiments have proven that raising pets in general positively affects a person’s mental, social and physical health, as well as provides him with a real service if he exploits them commercially. The benefits of raising dogs in particular have very great benefits for humans, including:

Physical health: Having a dog at home may encourage its owner to practice exercise and movement, as it is known that dogs love to run and this is good for health. The dog is also a good companion in practicing sports, whether it is running or cycling. Studies have shown that dog owners are less prone to stress, fewer visits to the doctor, and have normal levels of blood pressure and cholesterol. Experts note that children who were exposed to dog contact during their childhood are less likely to suffer from allergies and asthma.

Emotional and psychological health: Psychologists believe that owning a pet in the home such as a dog works on the feeling of being human and reduces the feeling of loneliness. Depression resulting from sitting for a long time in a fatal calm and without talking can lead to a sick state, but the dog is a good home partner that broadcasts an atmosphere of fun. And dogs have a great ability to spread love and affection, studies have shown that dogs positively affect the psychological health of a person, and thus the possessor of all is better than people who do not own dogs. Dogs are great companions for the elderly. It helps reduce their stress, and makes them more active and mobile among their peers. Studies have found that 70% of families who have a new dog are happier and more fun than before.

Guarding: Dogs are considered one of the best animals skilled and devoted to protecting people and private possessions, and they are also one of the most powerful means of guarding, as their presence makes the owner feel safe and secure. It is known that dogs are strong observers, so they are good at distinguishing the stranger from the house quickly, and this is a great benefit against thieves and strangers.

Amusement: dogs are beautiful animals that are good at entertaining their owner. They add an atmosphere of fun and pleasure that brings happiness to a person by training him on certain movements and playing together. Dogs are also frequently used in various circuses and acrobatic games. It responds excellently to interactive training with humans. In recent times, dogs have been frequently involved in talent programs to draw the world’s attention to the talents of the trainer or the dog itself.

Hunting: Dogs have great features that qualify them to be one of the best hunting assistants for humans, as they have a strong sense of smell, great speed, and physical strength in addition to intelligence. Humans began using dogs for hunting purposes since ancient times, and has succeeded in achieving excellent results throughout the ages thanks to dogs.

Responsibility: a person can, through raising dogs, strengthen his sense of responsibility, as the sense of responsibility can only be achieved when applied, and it cannot be learned by reading without practicing, and the dog is the best way to learn responsibility in terms of the care that his owner gives him, so he must maintain his cleanliness, And he gives him adequate and appropriate food, and teaches him some important things in order to practice his life well.

Helping in managing daily life matters: Dogs can achieve benefit to humans through some actions that help, such as killing or removing animals and insects harmful to humans, such as mice and bedbugs. The dog is also used to help people with visual impairments find their way and get the things they want.

Dogs on special errands

Dogs have many different types, as some of their types were used in special operations such as searches, VIP protection, searching for bodies, and tracing them. The dogs’ very strong sense of smell has been utilized to search for drugs, CDs, computers, and other specific odors that dogs are trained with to detect them easily and effortlessly. The dogs were also attached to the US Army to alert the soldiers to the presence of intruders on a site, to detect mines by smelling the smell of gunpowder, and he was trained to detect ambushes in a way other than barking, such as moving the tail or walking back. There were some cases in which dogs were honored and given military ranks.





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