Best 7 Online Tools For Building A Successful Career

A successful job requires more than‎ hard work and devotion. It would help to have the tools and resources to stand‎ out. Many internet resources may help you learn and establish a fantastic job. This post‎ lists seven great online career tools.

The Linkedin Learning

LinkedIn Learning offers online technology, design,‎ business, and leadership courses.

What Can LinkedIn Achieve?

  • Job search: Search for employer or recruiter‎ positions and apply directly on the site.
  • Research a company: Learn its size, industry, job‎ vacancies, and employees.
  • Personal branding: LinkedIn helps you brand. It showcases your abilities, expertise, and‎ successes to prospective employers, customers, and coworkers.
  • Content creation and sharing: LinkedIn lets you publish‎ articles, blogs, and videos to demonstrate your knowledge and network.
  • Group networking: Join or create‎ LinkedIn groups to meet industry professionals.


Bordio organizes daily and weekly programs online. Bordio’s‎ daily planner lets users track chores and progress.

How Can Bordio Boost Your Career?

  • Focus‎ on Priorities: A Bordio planner can help you identify and maintain your key priorities. This‎ enables you to concentrate and avoid low-priority jobs that don’t advance your career.
  • Time Management:‎ Bordio’s daily and weekly planners help people organize their work, deadlines, and meetings. A clear‎ and planned timetable helps people prioritize and focus on career-advancing responsibilities.
  • Track Your Achievements: Regularly‎ reviewing your objectives and accomplishments helps you improve and appreciate your triumphs.
  • Blog posts: Bordio‎ includes various time management and productivity recommendations.


Glassdoor lets you research possible jobs and‎ company collaborations. The site also provides career information and job-searching tools.

What Can You Get‎ From Glassdoor?

  • Company reviews: Glassdoor allows workers to anonymously rate their companies, giving you a‎ sense of working there.
  • Wages: Glassdoor lists salaries and perks for numerous job titles and‎ sectors based on employee reviews.
  • Job listings: Glassdoor lets you search for jobs by area,‎ title, pay, and more.
  • Company ratings: Glassdoor rates firms on worker satisfaction, heritage, work-life balance,‎ and other aspects on a five-point scale.
  • Employee benefits: Glassdoor lists health insurance, retirement money,‎ vacation time, and additional employee benefits.

The Hubspot Academy

Hubspot academy teaches you the skills‎ to excel in these professions and grants certifications that impress employers.

Why Should You Use‎ Hubspot Academy?

  • Online Courses: HubSpot Academy provides several free online courses, like email marketing, inbound‎ marketing, social media, digital marketing, sales, and customer support.
  • Certifications: HubSpot Academy offers inbound marketing,‎ sales, and customer service certifications. These certificates, which you may put on LinkedIn or your‎ résumé, are valued by employers.
  • Community: HubSpot Academy attracts marketing, sales, and customer service enthusiasts.‎ You may ask questions and receive assistance from other experts in our community.
  • Resources: HubSpot‎ Academy provides templates, ebooks, and webinars to improve marketing, sales, and customer service.
  • HubSpot software‎ training: HubSpot Academy teaches how to use the inbound marketing, sales, and customer support platform‎ HubSpot, which is utilized by millions of organizations worldwide.

Hootsuite Academy

Hootsuite Academy offers online‎ social media marketing courses and certifications.

What Is Different About Hootsuite Academy?

  • Complete courses: Hootsuite‎ Academy offers social media marketing courses from basics to strategy and analytics.
  • Flexible learning: The‎ classes are adjustable at Hootsuite Academy, so students can go at their own speed.
  • Certification: Hootsuite‎ Academy certifies social media marketing talents. Learners may include these credentials on their resumes and‎ LinkedIn profiles.
  • Community: Hootsuite Academy offers a social media marketing community dedicated to learning. Professionals‎ may answer community inquiries and aid.
  • Free resources: Hootsuite Academy offers free webinars, e-books, and‎ blog articles on social media marketing.

Google Workspace

It is a complete suite of productivity‎ and collaboration tools that help individuals and organizations work quicker and better, whether in an‎ office or from home.

What Are Google Workspace’s Key Features?

  • Collaboration: Google Workspace simplifies real-time‎ editing of documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. This is very useful for remote teams and project‎ teams.
  • Organization: Google Calendar and Google Drive in Google Workspace help people and teams organize‎ and save time. Google Calendar can schedule meetings and deadlines, while Google Drive can store‎ and share crucial data.
  • Communication: Google Workspace tools like Google Meet and Google Chat enable‎ team members’ remote communication to be simple and rapid. This keeps everyone informed and ensures‎ essential information gets to the correct individuals.
  • Building skills: Google Workspace features are utilized in‎ numerous areas, so using them successfully will boost your résumé. Training and certification courses for‎ Google Workspace technologies assist in demonstrating skills and expertise.


Grammarly may help individuals improve‎ their writing, quality, and productivity at work. Grammarly provides real-time comments and ideas to improve‎ writing style, confidence, and professionalism.

How Does Grammarly Speed Up Work?

  • Saves Time: Grammarly swiftly‎ finds spelling and grammatical errors and suggests and offers alternatives. This may help you write‎ quicker and better without manually correcting errors.
  • Improves Clarity: Grammarly suggests words, removes unnecessary words,‎ and rewrites sentences to make writing more transparent.
  • Improves professionalism: Grammarly finds and fixes faults‎ that might damage your credibility.
  • Customizable: Grammarly’s settings and personal elements may be customized to‎ your requirements.


Online career aids have increased in the digital age. With LinkedIn Learning‎ for skill development, Bordio for time management, Glassdoor for company research, HubSpot Academy and Hootsuite‎ Academy for specialized awards, Google Workspace for seamless collaboration, and Grammarly for improved writing, these‎ tools help professionals stand out in today’s competitive job market. Anyone who wants to succeed‎ in their job must use these resources.




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