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Across the globe, several sparkling wines are being produced in many countries such as America, Austria, Italy, Australia, France, England, among others. However, among these sparkling wines, some products are regarded as the best not only for their high prices, but because they represent elegance, affluence, and class with their one of its kind taste.

In this article, we have collated a list of seven sparkling wines that features the likes Blanc de Noirs, Gramona III, Heretat Mastinell, among others. In other words, the list contains the best sparkling wines you can across in the world alongside their prices. They are as follows:

2008 Heretat Mastinell Cava Carpe Diem Reserva Especial (Varietal: Chardonnay)

This exquisite wine originated from Catalonia in Spain. In the beautiful city, Mastinell is one of the best producers of the finest Cavas. Also, the location houses a hotel and restaurant. A 750ml bottle of Reserva Especial comes at $34. Aside from the high level of hospitality which the brand offers, Reserva Especial, which is one of their top products, made this list because of its exciting flavor and value.

Reserva Especial is made with an herbal edge and releases a flavor of pear, citrus, and crisp apple when perceived. You will experience an exciting green, herbaceous feeling, which is powered by juicy melon, toasted country bread, and grapefruit acidity, on your palate. Finally, it’s alcohol by volume (ABV) stands at 12.5%.

NV Bründlmayer Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut (Varietal: Chardonnay)

The Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut is made by the Brundlmayer, which is one of the best wine producers in Australia. Although Brundlmayer is famous for its Gruner Veltliners and Rieslings, the brand is also the manufacturer of many exciting sparkling wines. The $60 worth Blanc de Blancs exudes an exciting mix of baked apples, toast, and fresh lemon. Be ready to experience a refreshing taste of lemon on your palate when consumed. Also, you will find the bready note more like buttery pastries, having apple flavor than mere toast. This magnificent drink contains 12% ABV.

2010 Gramona III Lustros (Varietal: Xarello and Macabeo)

Among the Cava producers in the world, Gramona stands as a true pioneer with their 1951 Lustros being the first Cava manufactured for aging. Essentially, the brand is a bio-dynamic Cava producer. During the initial release of Lustros in 1961, winery experienced a new dimension as the wine set a new height for Cava.

In the year 2010, the Gramona III Lustros was produced in Catalonia, Spain. The wine is intense and possesses a precise level of maturity. It’s a product that offers both bright acidity and freshness. The intriguing wine is soft on the palate with a hint of fresh herbs and petrol notes. A 750ml bottle worth $49 and contains 12% ABV.

2014 Ridgeview Blanc de Noirs (Varietal: 55% Pinot Noir, 45% Pinot Meunier)

Currently, England is one of the fastest-growing sparkling wine regions. Specifically, southern England is an attractive region for vines – an essential ingredient for sparkling wine – due to its cool climate and chalky soils. The country houses several best sparkling wine producers; one of which is Ridgeview. This brand has planted their grapes for more than two decades ago. However, Ridgeview has just emerged as one of the World-class wineries in the last seven or eight years. From the staple of Ridgeview, the Blanc de Noirs appears golden with an exciting mix of red plum and honeysuckle aroma. It has a persistent mousse and lemon pie acidity which is dominated by red fruits. In summary, it offers the right toasty note and excellent level of minerals to the palate. You can get a 750ml bottle of Blanc de Noirs for $60. Its alcohol composition stands at 12%.

2010 Ferrari Perlé (Varietal: Chardonnay)

In Italy, Ferrari is one of the best sparkling wine producers. The brand is well-known for several qualities, most especially its Chardonnay grape. Perle is seen as the flagship bottle of the brand, containing the best Chardonnay from the winery.

The 2010 release of Perle is considerably creamy and offers lemon freshness as well as apple notes. When tasted, a note of almond will be experienced on the palate for a significant period. Also, you will get to sense freshly baked baguette that comes from the yeast. You can get a 750ml bottle of Perle for $37. It has an ABV value of 12%.

2014 Bride Valley Brut Reserve (Varietal: 50% Pinot Meunier, 30% Chardonnay, 20% Pinot Noir)

For more than half-a-century, Steven Spurrier has been a celebrated wine merchant that specializes in the production of wine. Spurrier and his wife, named Bella, planted their vine farm in the year 2008. Even though the Bride Valley farm is still young, it has been considered as a pioneer in English sparkling wines.

In the year 2014, the Brut Reserve was produced from the brand. However, without any doubt, the wine is expected to evolve with time. On the palate, the 2014 Brut Reserve offers whole-grain toast flavor and crispness of green apple. When opened, you will perceive a sweet and tart interplay. The $75 worth sparkling wine contains 12% ABV.

Nino Franco Nodi Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore D.O.C.G. (Varietal: Glera)

In the Veneto region of Italy, most wine enthusiasts love Prosecco for their sparkling wine varieties that are special and refreshing. More interestingly, the Prosecco Superiore from the Nino Franco (the pioneer of Prosecco) has come as a big surprise with a delightful taste.

The highly sophisticated wine is made through the Charmat method. It offers a persistent fizz and elegant bubbles. When perceived, you will experience a mix aroma of rose petal, herbs, and wisteria. When placed on the tongue, you can expect a dominance of apple and stone fruits alongside a refreshing soft feel. The Prosecco Superiore comes with a price tag of $50 and contains 11.5% alcohol by volume.

Whether you choose to celebrate your recent win or start a new beginning with a big bottle of wine, any of the listed best sparkling wine herein will make the occasion memorable. Get any of the best sparkling wine from the store and relish the moment.




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