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The end of the summer can be depressing. Holidays, getaways, and vacations are all over; and soon, cold weather will be upon many of us. So, before you get inundated with work, bad weather, and the everyday grind, why not treat yourself to a spa break?

Spas are a great way to shed that unwanted weight leftover from summer. They are also perfect for anyone looking to prepare for the rest of the year, and a trip to a spa can get you in the right frame of mind for the upcoming holiday season. This month, Totalprestige Magazine looks at the 5 best spas in the world.

Fusion Maia – Vietnam

Travelers looking for a great spa break combined with a brilliant Asian holiday break will find Fusion Maia to be an amazing destination. The hotel is small enough to be relaxing and intimate for guests, but it still retains the quality of a larger venue.

Spa goers who seek out Fusion Maia do so for the clean eating and diet-friendly foods on offer. Guests can get detoxing juices each morning and vegetarian meals during lunch and dinner. The spa is all about eating right and getting active. If guests are able to do both, then there is a chance they can return home fitter and healthier than when they left.

Visitors will find a plethora of yoga and tai chi classes on offer at Fusion Maia. The classes are rotated every 24 hours, so there is little chance guests will get bored. Fusion Maia is the perfect place to go for anyone needing to recharge their batteries ahead of a long winter.

Rancho La Puerta – Mexico

Rancho La Puerta istheoldest spa in North America. Opened in 1940, it has stood the test of time and keeps attracting spa goers in need of a recharge. The classic retreat has stayed true to the treatments that made it such a popular spa. Rather than opt for new age treatments and modern health fads, Rancho La Puerta continues to plow ahead with the treatments created by founder Deborah Szekely.

The spa has become so popular with guests, it claims many of the people who descend on it each year have stayed previously. Guests love the old-school approach Szekely offers them.

Rancho La Puerta claims to have started the “modern fitness revolution”. That is a big claim, but there is no doubt people get on the road to wellness when they head to the Mexican resort.

Not only are the treatments enough to recharge the body and mind, but the local environment gives guests the perfect setting for healing.

Deplar Farm – Iceland           

There is nothing more refreshing and invigorating than extreme cold. The cold has the ability to make the body recharge itself and an individual suddenly becomes more aware of their surroundings. Iceland’s Deplar Farm may be the perfect cold weather spa for those looking for a boost.

Situated on the Troll Peninsula in Iceland, Deplar Farm is a former sheep ranch that has been renovated into a chic spa. Visitors can enjoy the country’s famed thermal waters via the spa’s pools. Spa goers will have a perfect view of the local mountains and countryside while sitting in the thermal pools. The heat from the water will not only relax the body, but it will open the pores and trigger well-being.

There are also plenty of excursions travelers can experience. From hikes to sea kayaking, Iceland is one of the best places to visit for an activity-filled holiday. Back at the spa, visitors will also be able to attend meditation classes and yoga sessions to bring them back to center.

KurhotelSkodsborg – Denmark

The KurhotelSkodsborg has a beautiful, classic exterior that will make visitors feel like they went back in time. However, once inside, spa goers will find nothing but the best modern treatments to cleanse them of the excesses of home.

Visitors will experience the extreme heat of a sauna followed by the intense freezing cold of the North Sea. A plunge into the sea after an extensive sweat in the sauna is enough to really wake a person up. The feeling after a plunge in freezing waters will give an individual one of the biggest highs of their life.

After altering heat for freezing cold waters, visitors can enjoy a deep tissue massage or enjoy a yoga class.

The KurhotelSkodsborg subscribes to the Paleo Diet. Guests better be prepared to dine on lean meat and fish. Don’t expect dairy, grains, or added salt and sugar to be in the meals served in the hotel’s restaurant. Anyone who likes getting fit and going to some extremes, will love the KurhotelSkodsborg.

Four Seasons Resort – Bora Bora

Travelers looking for a tropical spa getaway will find it at the Four Seasons Resort in Bora Bora. The South Pacific tropical island is a beautiful locale filled with lush palm trees, sandy beaches, and tranquil waters that splash onto its shores.

The spa at the Four Seasons Resort is surrounded by a relaxing lagoon and shady palm trees. Guests can enjoy treatments in their very own room, so there is a chance visitors may never leave their bungalows. Of course, travelers will want to get out and explore the resort. The views are breathtaking and the overwater spa suite is a unique setting in which ultimate relaxation can be found.

Spa goers can experience the resort’s amazing natural ingredients. The Tahitian black pearl powder and detoxing algae are two of the most popular items used to revitalize guests. Families on holiday to the island can even get treatments for their children. The spa has a special treatment plan for kids between the ages of 11 and 17.

Along with all of the body treatments and massages guests can enjoy, the Four Seasons Resort offers yoga classes. Programs are customized for guests and instructors can bring out the best in students no matter if they are yoga novices or an experienced yogi. The outdoor island setting makes every spa treatment and yoga class unforgettable and the Four Seasons Resort an ideal place for a getaway.

By Drew Farmer



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