Blackline Safety has revolutionized personal gas detection. Now set sights on area monitoring

Blackline Safety announces G7 Exo, the future of continuous environmental area monitoring that works with its award-winning G7 platform.

At the National Safety Council’s 2018 Congress & Expo, Blackline Safety Corp. (TSXV: BLN) — the leader in connected safety technology — announced G7 Exo. Arriving in 2019, Blackline will disrupt the area monitoring product segment with next-generation capabilities to solve the challenges of continuous toxic and combustible gas monitoring for facilities, sites and fence-lines.

G7 Exo will leverage Blackline’s trusted, award-winning and cloud-connected gas detection platform. Employees place a personal G7 gas detector with integrated cellular or satellite connectivity into the front bay of G7 Exo. With the addition of G7’s instant connectivity and gas detection, personnel deploy the G7 Exo system wherever they need continuous environmental monitoring.

“Turn-key connectivity, intelligence and versatility are the hallmarks of every G7 solution,” said Cody Slater, CEO and Chairman at Blackline Safety. “Like our full G7 portfolio, the goal behind G7 Exo is connected safety, automation and streamlined efficiency. Many area monitoring offerings from competitors feature a battery run-time of just a few days. In stark contrast, G7 Exo dramatically improves this capability, delivering a battery life of over 90 days.” He added, “G7 Exo will automate long-term area monitoring for turnarounds, shutdowns, construction, emergency responses and around facilities, tank farms, processes, spill sites and other locations. Personnel will be able to focus on their work at hand without needing to babysit existing area monitors that will soon become a thing of the past.”

The new G7 Exo area monitor is part of Blackline’s overall connected safety system. Every G7 Exo system deployed will report its location and gas readings to the Blackline Safety Network where a live monitoring team can respond to any detected gas leaks and evacuate personnel as needed. G7 Exo also supports Blackline’s recently-announced push-to-talk capability for personal G7c cellular-connected gas detectors. When using a G7c with push-to-talk enabled, G7 Exo provides nearby employees with an additional two-way radio system that delivers a loud area broadcast and the option to call other personnel on the same channel.

G7 Exo is compatible with Blackline’s G7 Insight program, which one-for-one replaces conventional ‘beep-and-flash’ gas detectors with a world-leading connected system, online compliance dashboard and data analytics. Blackline’s new G7 Exo area monitoring system will also take advantage of G7’s plug-and-play sensor cartridges that provide advanced configurability while eliminating downtime due to a damaged or failed gas sensor. Combined with a lifetime sensor warranty, any G7 cartridge can be changed in seconds, delivering unrivaled value and customization for businesses in every industry.

Blackline Safety is presenting G7 Exo and its new G7c push-to-talk capability in booth #4501 at the National Safety Council’s Congress & Expo. This event will be held from October 22–24 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas. To learn about Blackline Safety, visit and follow on Twitter @blacklinesafety.




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