Building Dreams with LEGO® Bricks. An Interview with Angela Beights. Organizer of BrickUniverse

Angela Beights

Famous Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki once said that talent gets worn down with use and that inspiration is everything. Indeed, inspiration and the passion that comes with it inspire people to build their dreams and, in Angela Beights’ story, those visions happen to be made out of LEGO bricks.

Wanting to share the creative thinking process LEGO® bricks instills, Beights along with her children Lauren, Roland, York and Greyson trapped that magic in a bottle with BrickUniverse, A LEGO® fan event. BrickUniverse is emblematic of the kinds of unique, driven energy that makes fan communities not only spaces within which to meet like minded people, but also a living, breathing, entity unto itself that has the power to bring diverse people together.

Of course, only some things are fun and games and the logistics behind running a successful organization can test even the most dedicated fan. Luckily for LEGO fanatics, Beights and her children have honed the ability to host and take an event from the concept stage to launch day. From researching venues to vendor selection, Beights emphasizes the importance of an adaptable and flexible approach.

One thing that helps set BrickUniverse apart from other conventions out there is that it recognizes and emphasizes the artistry of building with LEGO® bricks. Because of its nearly universal appeal, part of BrickUniverse’s growth is the family’s desire to reach all walks of life. Noting the variety and diversity of artistic expression possible using LEGO bricks, Beights underscores all of this as being part and parcel with BrickUniverse’s core educational mission and its ability to create and foster communities and friendships among diverse groups of people tied by a shared love for LEGO® bricks.

Beights notes that an entrepreneur’s driving passion has to come from a place of caring and that means building a positive experience for attendees.

Please start by sharing a bit about your background and how you got involved in event organizing, specifically in the LEGO enthusiast community.

My children. My journey into this realm was sparked by the incredible creativity fostered in my children through LEGO bricks. As a homeschooling mom, I appreciated the existence of LEGO® fan events that actively engaged young enthusiasts. Traveling to these events across the country allowed me to witness the positive impact they had not only on my family but on individuals of all ages.

What inspired BrickUniverse, and how has the event evolved since its inception?

The inspiration for Brickuniverse was sparked by the imaginative world that LEGO bricks opened up for my children. This venture has been a family collaboration from its inception, a shared project that I envisioned us enjoying together for years to come. While not every family member sought the spotlight with the same enthusiasm, each child played a crucial role from the very beginning. One thing that was a significant priority was establishing a gallery space dedicated to showcasing a carefully curated selection of artworks from talented individuals across the country while also providing a platform for local clubs and hobbyists. Over the years we have always tried to introduce engaging activities from “brick coloring stations,” a “paint a clay figure zone,” a designated “reading zone” featuring LEGO®- inspired books. We’ve gone as far as incorporating bouncy houses and slides into our events. Fast forward to the present, our current focal point is the presentation of featured artists alongside captivating exhibits from local hobbyists. And we now take great delight in offering various on-site themed building zones, allowing attendees to unleash their creativity after immersing themselves in the displayed art.

York and Lauren Beights

York and Lauren Beights

As an event organizer, what challenges do you often face when planning and executing large-scale LEGO conventions?

Organizing large-scale events presents various challenges, with budget adherence and creating an inspiring atmosphere being foremost. Ensuring a seamless flow of activities, engaging content and managing logistics are common hurdles.

How do you go about selecting the venues for BrickUniverse events, and what factors are considered in making those decisions?

Selecting venues involves a meticulous process, considering factors like capacity, layout, location, budget, amenities, ambiance, flexibility, reputation, and weather contingencies. Oftentimes, we are invited by cities.

AFOLs showcasing their MOCS at BrickUniverse

AFOLs showcasing their MOCS at BrickUniverse

Can you describe the typical planning timeline for a BrickUniverse event, from conception to execution?

The planning timeline for a BrickUniverse event typically spans several months, starting from the conception stage. However, there have been a few events that came together in a matter of weeks. The timeline involves the initial brainstorming, venue selection, exhibitor and vendor selection, marketing campaigns, and logistical arrangements. As the event date approaches, the focus shifts to finalizing details, such as floor plan, insurance, pipe and drape needs and coordinating details with the venue.

How do you adapt each event to suit different communities and preferences? Please tell us about some of the upcoming events and how they were curated to LEGO fans.

Adapting events to suit different communities involves a flexible approach, considering factors such as the predominant demographic – whether it comprises families with young children or retirees. In anticipation of upcoming events, we have carefully crafted experiences that align with the distinct interests of each community, guaranteeing a customized and enjoyable experience specially designed for LEGO enthusiasts.

What do you believe sets BrickUniverse apart from other LEGO conventions, and how do you maintain a unique and memorable experience for attendees?

BrickUniverse stands as the pioneering LEGO fan convention that acknowledged the artistry involved in building with LEGO bricks, leading the way by offering gallery space exclusively for these talented artists. Furthermore, our commitment extends to providing exhibitors with display opportunities without any associated charges. All games and giveaways for attendees are funded directly from the BrickUnivers budget, exemplifying our dedication to enhancing the overall experience for all participants.

Contemporary Artist Rocco Buttliere’s art on display at BrickUniverse

Contemporary Artist Rocco Buttliere’s art on display at BrickUniverse

Can you share some memorable moments or success stories from past BrickUniverse events that stand out to you?

Countless cherished memories have been etched in my mind, from the radiant smiles of children stepping into our event for the first time to the joy of witnessing those same smiles year after year. It’s heartwarming when parents express they’ve driven hours to be part of the experience. The awe-inspiring creations, the engagement of attendees in building zones, early morning set-up and late night teardown, and most importantly the friendships forged have all contributed to the memorable moments.

What trends do you see emerging in the LEGO enthusiast community, and how do you stay ahead of the curve to keep BrickUniverse relevant and exciting?

As the number of LEGO fan events continues to grow each year, our objective is to maintain a leading position by consistently offering the best experience possible. We strive to stand out in terms of providing attendees with a fantastic time and memorable event. One distinctive aspect is having the most talented artists in the industry on -site and easily approachable. Additionally, we value the significance of having local Adult Fans of LEGO (AFOLs) display their creations in each city we visit. In 2024 we are introducing the “People’s Choice Award” to actively involve the public at our events. While we traditionally present awards, we believe that allowing the public to choose their favorite creation will add an exciting dimension for everyone. In each city, the selected winner will receive a $100 LEGO gift card and at the end of the year, one lucky winner will be awarded a $500 LEGO gift card and a unique opportunity to be featured as a BrickUniverse artist.

Can you share your vision for the future of BrickUniverse, and are there any new and exciting developments or expansions in the works?

The vision for BrickUniverse includes expanding its reach to new cities while nurturing our community connections and fostering a global presence with educational outreach for all. There are too many places in our country and elsewhere where children and adults alike have never played with LEGO bricks. We hope to reach these places not just with our events, but to somehow make a difference in these communities. Exciting developments and expansions are in the works, ensuring that BrickUniverse remains a dynamic leader in the industry.

What advice do you have for individuals who aspire to become event organizers, particularly in niche communities such as LEGO enthusiasts?

For individuals aspiring to become event organizers, especially in niche communities, my advice is to first be motivated by the greater good. Consider how your event can contribute as a valuable asset to others in the same industry, rather than posing as an obstacle. Understand the commitment required and stay connected with the community. There will be challenges and one must learn to embrace them as an opportunity to grow. Focus on factors beyond financial gains, as they are not guaranteed. Above all, acknowledge the profound value in the impact you want your event to make on the community and beyond.


Angela, how is a day in your life?

I typically start my day early to ensure a productive and organized routine. After coffee, I check on my parents, read the morning news and take a quick review of my schedule and start prioritizing tasks. I focus on the most critical and time – sensitive projects. Each day, I try to get a walk in or some form of exercise.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

At my core, I’m a wife, a mother and a daughter. In my spare time, it’s not uncommon to find me with a paintbrush or tube of caulk in my hand.

Lauren, Angela and Roland Beights

Lauren, Angela and Roland Beights

What are two of your favorite quotes?

“Creativity is intelligence having fun” – Albert Einstein.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”

If you had the power to change just one thing in the world, what would it be?

If I had the power to change one thing, it would be to inspire a greater sense of empathy among people, fostering a world where compassion and love prevail over division and discord.

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