Business Travel: Essentials To Pack For Your Next Trip

Everyone has a list of essentials they never leave behind when setting off on holiday. That list looks slightly different for those who frequently take business trips that take them across the country or the world. Ensuring you have things you need without exceeding your carry-on limit is a tricky balancing act to achieve.

But planning ahead and staying organised allows you to pack everything you need without getting caught up on the items that can be left behind. From nicotine vape juice and your toiletry essentials to handy notebooks and the perfect carry-on bag, packing has never been easier.

Expandable Carry-On Bag

When travelling for business, you will want a carry-on bag that will comfortably fit all your clothes, business accessories and electronic devices, be easy to manoeuvre and have the quality and reliability to last countless trips.

If you are unsure where to look but want the peace of mind that you have chosen a high-quality piece of luggage, Travelpro suitcases will tick all your boxes. They are a flight crew staple, equipped with organised compartments, clever technology and a sturdy exterior to keep your belongings safe.

Travel Wallet

When checking into your hotel or airport, life is far less stressful when you don’t have to fumble for necessary documents, passports, air tickets or credit cards. A travel wallet is incredibly reliable for keeping everything in one easy-to-find palace.

Most come with organised compartments which can be used to hold group-like documents together, as well as a small pen immediately available for filling out forms.

Electronic Devices & Adaptors

Whatever business you plan to conduct, accessing your personal documents, presentation slides and work notes is essential. Bringing your own laptop or iPad allows you to work efficiently from anywhere in the world and means you won’t have to rely on the facilities at your destination.

Along with the devices, you must make sure you bring along the needed charging cables and adaptors to keep everything fully charged and running smoothly. If you are travelling out of the country, it is vital to research which plug is used to purchase the correct adaptor if needed.

Travel Pillow

Business travel often means putting your body through the paces with minimal sleep. With numerous business meetings, networking opportunities, and hours of travel, maximising your ability to sleep on an aeroplane or long-haul bus is a must.

Investing in a good quality travel pillow will ensure your elevated comfort and extra neck support for a few hours of uninterrupted sleep while on the move. They come in many different sizes, shapes and materials, allowing you to find the best for you. As an added bonus, they take up little space and are easy to store.

Unlimited Data Plan

It may be helpful to travel with your own personal hotspot or unlimited data plan that can be used regardless of where you are in the world. They are particularly useful for airports or hotels that may have unreliable wifi connections or open lines that could become a safety hazard.

Take time to properly research your options, ensuring you fully understand extra charges, roaming ranges and added features.

Travel Notebook & Business Cards

Although digital notebooks exist on nearly any device, it is important to have a tried and tested notebook ready to jot down any handwritten notes you may need to make on the go. There is always the risk of running into technological issues, which could hinder your ability to take down necessary information or big ideas when inspiration strikes.

Furthermore, regardless of the progression of social media and networking, there is no substitute for a simple and reliable business card. If you hope to make handy changes to stick with the times, include a scannable QR code to let your business connections view appropriate websites, portfolios or media platforms.

Hand Sanitiser

The world is a very different place post-global epidemic, with more and more people taking extra precautions to avoid unsanitary and potentially dangerous germs. Most business trips require plenty of networking and human interaction, leading to many handshakes with strangers.

In addition, you spend more time moving through airports and unfamiliar hotels. Keep yourself and those around you healthy by carrying and regularly using alcohol-based hand sanitiser. Small aerosol bottles are easy to carry and can be used on various surfaces.

Appropriate Clothing

Depending on the length of your trip, you may have downtown to step away from the corporate world and explore the city you are visiting. Packing the appropriate business attire for the duration of your trip is essential to maintain a professional appearance.

However, don’t forget to pack a set of PJs and casual clothes for when you aren’t in work mode or want to travel in more comfortable attire. Additionally, workout clothes can easily pack into your carry-on for a quick post-flight workout on arrival.

Airport Fast Pass

Seasoned travellers know that one of the biggest headaches of travelling is getting through the airport. Navigating your way through passport control and security checks adds unnecessary stress to your trip.

If your airport supports the possibility, acquiring a fast past is well worth the effort. They can help you check in quicker, move through security checks without hassle and get to your boarding gate with plenty of time to spare.





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