Cassandra Hepburn. Actress and Humanitarian

Cassandra Hepburn. Actress and Active Humanitarian

In a world where beauty and intelligence are considered as two different aspects hard to find in a woman, Cassandra Hepburn is a clear example of that kind of woman who has both characteristics plus that X-factor that pleases audiences all over the world.

She was born in Philippines on April 1976 to an English military official and a Chinese/Philippine mother on the small island of Leyte. Since the moment she was born, she has lived in several places around the world such as the Philippines, Hong Kong, Zurich, Paris, Milan, London and the United States.

She heard the calling of acting at a very young age. At 11, she debuted in the miniseries “The Stand” based on a story written by Stephen King. When she finished high school, she was in New York City perfecting her acting skills at Sande Shurin Studios and, at the same time, learning the Meisner Technique at the well-known School for Film & Television. During this time, and due to her studies, she got a brief part on the popular daytime soap-opera “As the World Turns”. After that, she participated in a few off Broadway plays and also appeared in MTV’s “The Grind” and the TV series “New York Undercover”.

After her United States staying, she moved to Europe to increase her personal and artistic perspectives. She dignified the modeling scene working for several designers such as Sonia Rykel while she was studying and living in France. In 1999, Cassandra took some time to study in courses about Classical and Shakespearean acting at the London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA).

Later, she worked for some project in Hollywood with cinema’s biggest stars at the time. From 2005 until 2014, Cassandra has shared the screen with the names of famous people such as Vin Diesel in “Find Me Guilty” directed by Sidney Lumet. She also participated on Mark Rydell’s “Even Money” with the starring of Danny DeVito, Kim Bassinger, Ray Liota, Carla Giguino, Forrest Whitaker and Nick Cannon. Her most notable role was in the movie “Quentin Tarantino presents: Hellride”, together with Dennis Hopper, Michael Madsen, Julia Jones and David Carradine; all of them directed by Larry Bishop.

Furthermore, she has appearances on the small screen as a guest star in the series “Medium” along with Patricia Arquette and a recurrent role in the daytime soap-opera “The Young and the Restless”

Alongside her movie and TV career, she has dedicated some time to modeling for several important companies manufacturers of jeans, swimwear, sporting footwear and watches, among others.

But most of all, she has dedicated most of her time to charity for several organizations dedicated to promote Human Rights. She was an Ambassador for Youth for Humans Right International and she was one of the first people to emphasize the troublesome situation of Human Trafficking. By educating, bring awareness and even getting fearlessly involved in attacking the situation has made her being a person who makes the difference in the involvement in the cause.




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