Chazz Clevinger is Building the Future of Grassroots Politics

Chazz Clevinger is Building Future of Grassroots Politics

One Click Politics CEO Chazz Clevinger has been working in politics since leaving the University of North Carolina. Clevinger has worked in a variety of roles in the political realm. From working on campaigns for politicians to advising clients on grassroots strategy, Clevinger has built a reputation for providing expert knowledge to those looking to make change on local, state, and national levels.

In 2016, the UNC graduate took the reins of startup company One Click Politics. The company provides an online advocacy platform that offers clients with an innovative approach to reach the masses and affect change. The platform has already helped clients in the United States, Canada, and Australia reach voters and help change legislation. Clevinger and his team have growth in sight as One Click Politics aims to provide the same grassroots advocacy it has developed to non-English speaking countries.

Clevinger has worked on major issues since assuming the role of CEO at One Click Politics. One issue was daily fantasy sports and sports betting in the U.S. One Click Politics was able to help the DFS and sports betting industries, and their success is proof the innovative platform can help others reach voters.

Chazz, you have been working on the behalf of daily fantasy sports and sports betting issues in the United States recently. Tell us about some of the work One Click Politics has done for these industries?

Drew, it has been my pleasure to assist in the efforts of the most prominent daily fantasy sports company in the world, DraftKings. Without going into detail, One Click Politics has played a pivotal role in helping organize their consumers to take legislative action in favor of sports betting and daily fantasy sports around the country.

With states now allowed to make the final decision on sports betting, will the company continue working with sports betting organizations on a state-by-state basis?

The recent Supreme Court decision will only increase the amount of work we do in this issue area. With each state able to pass its only laws regulating sports betting, there will be a cacophony of various voices in the arena of ideas pushing for or against sports betting for various political reasons. In the midst of that chaos is One Click Politics quietly organizing countless citizens to contact their elected officials.

Clevinger has helped grow One Click Politics into a global platform. The company has reach in Australia, Canada, and the U.S. Clients in each country have benefited from One Click Politics ability to tap into what people want and need. With the changing ways of the world, Clevinger and his team have found new ways to connect people with issues that affect them.

You took over One Click Politics in 2016 and oversee global operations in the U.S., Canada and Australia as the company’s CEO. What does this exactly entail and what would clients benefit from with the company’s services?

Mostly this entails a lot of hands on work with my marketing, business development, sales, product, and engineering teams to enhance the features of our software and conduct sales demos for organizations who can benefit from its capabilities. Other responsibilities include working with our support and professional services team to ensure our clients receive high level support as well as managing most of our external relationships with various channel partners. I also spend considerable time honing the company’s strategic vision and selling that vision to my investors. Additionally, I travel a lot across the world to meet with the company’s prospects, clients, and to attend various trade shows and conferences.

Clevinger has his eyes on the future and wants to take the company into areas it has yet to venture. He plans to take One Click Politics to non-English speaking countries and regions where people don’t enjoy freedom of speech like in the U.S.

Chazz Clevinger. Building Future of Grassroots Politics

You have previously spoken about working in more developing nations where the Internet and mobile phones are often the only way for citizens to protest their governments. Why is this important to you and how can One Click help affect change in these countries?

Most developing countries don’t have formalized trade associations, special interest groups, and other civic organizations that can help provide tools to citizens to affect change within their governments. One Click Politics is examining partnerships with various international nonprofit groups as a way to provide our technology to citizens of developing countries who have never had a voice in government. Social media is a very powerful organizing mechanism in countries where free speech is not tolerated. We don’t have all of the answers, but I am committed to finding creative ways to help people, who don’t enjoy the same liberties we are accustomed to in the United States.

As a veteran of Washington D.C., politics and lobbying, you have experienced a number of amazing roles. This has included working at the White House. How has your career changed since taking the role of CEO at One Click Politics?

It’s mostly been a very positive whirlwind of opportunity accompanied with very hard work and extremely limited free time. Being a CEO is a different mindset than that of an employee. There are no lunch breaks or eight hour work days. I eat once a day and I’m up until midnight working most days. There are no prep courses in MBA programs focused on the personal sacrifices a CEO has to make in order to move their company forward. My social calendar primarily is filled with business events and very few personal ones. Taking over One Click Politics is unquestionably my most impactful professional experience. The lessons I’ve learned, and continue to learn, will serve me well as a business leader throughout my career.

What did working at the White House teach you about yourself and how have you adapted those lessons to your current role?

The White House taught me a lot about personal sacrifice. I worked 16 hour days for very little pay, because I had passion for my work. I believe that passion is an under studied currency in the business world. My passion for One Click Politics is what makes my personal sacrifices possible. I am not the kind of person to work hard unless my heart is fully invested in what I’m doing. Fortunately, running a business, I believe it allows me to align my personality with my convictions in a highly successful way.

As a nonpartisan company, One Click Politics is about putting the clients first and foremost. Clevinger’s team is devoted to building a platform that enables clients to grow and connect with voters. With employees from a variety of political backgrounds, One Click Politics can work with clients from all a sides of the political spectrum.

 Is it difficult to work for a company or group when personal politics get in the way? Is there ever a point you cannot work with an organization due to the conflict?

One Click Politics is a nonpartisan enterprise. However, we assign clients to account managers and professional consultants based off political alignment. We have people on the right, left, and center in our company and we aim to provide a nonjudgmental, unbiased platform to all organizations who wish to have a voice in the great arena of ideas that shapes our laws and government.

 How important a part does innovation play in the company? How easy or difficult is it to adapt with rising tech trends?

Innovation is never easy. We are constantly looking for ways to evolve and challenge the status quo — either on our own or in collaboration with other companies who share our vision. However, the process required for innovation is often like a maze — there are a number of wrong turns you have to make before you find the right path.

Tech trends are like fashion trends. My three piece suits have been in, and out, of fashion a number of times over the past 15 years, but I still like them regardless because I know myself and I’m true to my convictions. A company has to know itself too. That isn’t to say that adapting new trends is misguided. New trends can often prove wise to employ. However, I tend to adhere to the wise words of the poet Robert Frost when making important decisions: “two roads diverged in a wood and I….I took the road less travelled by, and that has made all the difference”.

In terms of advocacy, where does One Click Politics go next? Is it all about expanding to new countries or will there be a step before the move to other global, non-English speaking regions?

One Click Politics is focused on scaling responsibly in terms of where we grow next. We are a socially conscious business venture with a desire to be impactful in each country we serve, so yes, there are a number of steps in the works prior to more global expansion. However, we remain committed to serving the needs of citizens across the world.

Clevinger is dedicated to building One Click Politics into the go-to platform for clients looking to build grassroots campaigns. Through constant innovation and strategising, One Click Politics has been able to build meaningful advocacy campaigns for politicians and groups. As a veteran of the Washington D.C. political game, Clevinger remains at the top of the arena. The CEO continues to grow his reputation as a man that builds clients’ careers and policies through his company.

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