Crystal Davis. Executive Coach and Bestselling Author

The journey of life is full of paths and possibilities, but the question of “how” is often left to chance. But what if it didn’t have to be that way? What if people could harness their inner strengths and unleash their individual talents in the world without fear of failure and with a guide to show them the way? That is the mission of coach, bestselling author, and motivational speaker Crystal Davis. She helps people transform their lives one day at a time by guiding them and helping them discover what motivates them.

It all begins with Crystal finding her voice again after losing it for two decades in an abusive marriage. From there, she discovered that others had lost their own voices. Under the guidance of venerable mentors, Crystal began working with others to help them regain what they had lost.

From the ordinary family room to the corporate boardroom, Crystal Davis helps individuals and organizations develop or rediscover their own voice and identity.

On an individual level, Crystal provides a guiding format and blueprint for this process.

Dream building is an integral part of Crystal’s journey with individual clients who want more out of life. Each solution is tailored to the client and is designed to highlight strengths and enable the achievement of future goals and dreams.

Due to the uniqueness of each person’s situation, it is not so much about finding a universal solution, but rather about tackling a global problem, namely the realization that a weakness is an opportunity for growth and that a potential obstacle today can become an ability tomorrow.

Building self-confidence and self-actualization is part of a two-step process that guides clients on the enlightening path to developing their voice and realizing their best life.

Drawing on her personal experiences, Crystal gives readers advice on how to draw on their inner strength during difficult times. She concludes with a look to the future.

Start by telling us about your career as a motivational speaker, bestselling author, and DreamBuilder coach.

It began when I finally found my voice and discovered who I am in the world after over two decades in an abusive marriage. I knew others had been or are going through similar situations, and I wanted to let them know that their voice matters. Their voice should be heard, and they don’t have to accept the abuse.
As I started to meet more and more people who felt like they had lost their voice, I wanted to do everything I could to step into my power and ensure my message reached them.

I began by getting certified as a DreamBuilder coach. I then worked with Rory Carruthers and his team to write a book, become an international bestselling author, and share my story. This led to multiple coaching certifications and many opportunities that put me on the map internationally as a speaker and coach.

For example, being a bestselling author and speaker has gotten me backstage with Tony Robbins, speaking on stages worldwide and behind the scenes with some of the world’s top event producers. It has also opened doors to opportunities to share my story on TV, radio, podcasts, magazines, and media publications.

In the last few years, I have also been working with business owners trying to find their voice by showing them how to present on camera, go live on social media, and make effective boardroom presentations. Doors continue to open in ways I never expected when I started.

I’ve partnered with other speakers to launch their events and spread their message. Recently, I started a business partnership with a gentleman who reached out to me after finding my book on Amazon. He worked with Stephen Covey, author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, for decades and spoke on many stages worldwide. We are currently building The Theory of 5 University, Women’s Empowerment Circle masterclasses, and video and speaking training programs for executives in the automotive industry and beyond.

Crystal with Tony Robbins

Crystal with Tony Robbins

Tell us about dream building. How do you help your clients build their dreams?

I start where they are and build the bridge to take them where they want to go. When I was initially working on finding my own path, I used Mary Morrissey’s DreamBuilder program, which provides a transformative way to reshape perspectives and unleash untapped potential.

Since then, I’ve developed my own strategies that go beyond the original DreamBuilder system and are based on more than a decade of working directly with my clients who use my program to
achieve new strengths, confident choices and Crystal-clear vision. Nothing brings me more joy than helping someone who is stuck, feeling invisible, and hiding behind a mask to get their message out into the world and live a life they love!

How can individuals grow using your experiences and teaching?

As an executive and transformational coach, I guide my clients with proven behavioral and emotional profiling and then leadership strategies. Having a coach is one of the best things you can do for your growth, both personally and professionally. From my personal experiences as a competitive ice skater, I know success is all about consistency, persistence, and showing up. I’ve coached top athletes who have won world championship titles in martial arts, soccer, bodybuilding, etc. No top-level athlete would ever consider not having a coach. It’s fundamental to their success.
Yet, many business people think having a coach is a weakness. It’s not. Coaching clients learn effective strategies to improve their relationships and communication with their employees, their families, and their investors and board members. For example, one of the concepts I introduce to clients is chameleon leadership, where you collaborate and bring people together based on their personality types, behavioral types, emotional skills, and leadership skills. The result is a stronger business with a confident leader commanding the ship.

Many people are afraid of speaking in public, afraid of being seen, afraid of being judged online, and especially afraid of forgetting what they want to say. Many people are afraid because they freeze in front of a group. A big part of my process is overcoming the fear of public speaking, the fear of being seen and heard, and sharing their authentic story. This way, we can captivate and compellingly connect with our audience.

The key is confidence. Many people lack confidence and self-esteem when they speak, whether in front of a video camera or on stage. The most important thing is finding your voice and developing
unshakable confidence. When you go live or present in person, you need to know the framework of what you’re teaching. When you know in advance what you want to convey, you can hook your audience emotionally where they hang on your every word as an authority figure.

Some of my executive clients have been in their industry for over 20 years but have never spoken in front of an audience. Now, they lead meetings and speak at events after completing my Voice to Visibility program.

Crystal Davis - Bestselling Author

You have worked with a wide range of clients. Do you do anything differently depending on the person, or is your coaching similar for everyone?

My coaching varies depending on the client and what industry they’re in. I primarily work with entrepreneurs, athletes, coaches, course creators, and executives. My programs teach the fundamentals and formulas, but you need feedback from a coach to guide you and make decisions based on who you are and who you are presenting to. I always include coaching as part of my programs because I know how necessary feedback and insight are for everyone to grow because if we are not growing and evolving, we are dying.

Crystal, you are the survivor of physical and emotional abuse. How did that experience shape you into being a life purpose coach?

Imagine your nine-year-old daughter having to sneak to the basement to call 911 to have her father taken away in handcuffs. My husband had just flung me through the air, down the stairs, where I landed on my back. My daughters were screaming and crying, terrified. The man who promised to love and protect our family had violated those vows. Moments later, the doorbell rang, and three cops were at the door. The bravery of my daughter Kailynne saved my life. That was the defining moment in my life. It was the moment I matched her courage and began rebuilding our lives.

Like many other victims of domestic violence, I was afraid of speaking up; I was hiding behind a mask and living in fear. It has now been more than 15 years since my divorce. I’ve found my voice and freedom and stepped into my power to unlock the strength within myself and my daughters. My girls and I are thriving, and I now focus on lifting up the voices of others as a life-purpose coach. A big part of my purpose is Mission One Million, for one million people to find their voice, passion, and purpose so they get their message out to the world through visibility and videos
because I know the pain of not having a voice. I never want anyone to feel that way again.

Crystal Davis Life

Please tell us about your current training programs. Have they changed over the last few years, especially following the worldwide pandemic?

My programs have definitely shifted. In the last few years, I have shifted to doing more online training and group coaching programs. Before, I was doing a lot of public speaking in person. I discovered I can touch so many more lives worldwide by focusing online and saving in-person connections for special presentations or events.

I am passionate about getting people’s messages out, and many want to do it online. The question that usually comes up is, “How do we stand out from the noise of the internet?” The answer is through creating captivating videos. We only have one to three seconds to capture people’s attention. Nothing will ever replace a face-to-face conversation, but you can have accountability, connection, and intimacy through a camera if you tell your authentic story with a system that addresses the know, like, and trust factors.

You say that discovering your purpose is the secret to transforming your life. Crystal, what is your purpose? How can you help other people find their purpose?

Finding your purpose is a defining moment in most people’s lives. It’s what gives you the motivation to achieve your goals, life’s work, or provide for your family. Without purpose, we tend to lack focus. We tend to be like a ship without a rudder. We might be moving forward, but we aren’t guiding where we are going. Purpose gives us direction.

I have two purposes: my personal purpose and my business purpose. My personal purpose is to help my daughters thrive. They are what light me up and keep me going every day. Family comes first. My business purpose is to help a million people find their voice, find their purpose, get their message out by speaking their authentic story, and get their programs and services out to the world to make a difference. How do you expect people to trust you if you don’t know your purpose? Defining and finding your purpose is the key. You find it by self-discovery. It’s a process that sometimes takes a while, but it’s by working with a coach that clarity comes. You have to have a coach; we can’t do this alone. I discovered that on my journey to find my purpose.

I want you to speak up, get your voice out, and realize you’re not alone. Those of us who have been victimized and torn down to the point that we’ve lost our identity have a difficult time finding our voice. It’s taken me years to develop and discover my purpose. Now I know everyone is capable. What are those things you’re tolerating that you need to get off your list to fulfill and work toward your dream?

Crystal Davis. Executive Coach

Crystal, you are helping millions of entrepreneurs find their voice and visibility. What can clients expect from a training session or seminar?

They learn my five-step Voice to Visibility formula, which teaches them how to unlock the power of doing their own videos and going live on social media so that they can grow their business online, where they’re attracting an audience and clients that they want to work with.

With every video you do, you will never be lost for words or fear going live because you know exactly what to say with this five-step formula.

This framework works because I have used it for years myself, and many clients have been successful using my Voice to Visibility five-step formula. They go live online or shoot a video with this framework in mind. I know by the end of every program I do, they’re not only going to increase their visibility, but they’re going to catapult their credibility, their following, their clients, and their income because they’re making an impact.

So your previous book, The Authentic Driven Life, was a huge success. Is there another book in the works?

Since publishing The Authentic Driven Life, I’ve contributed a chapter to the bestselling book Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude titled “The Attitude of Gratitude.” So, I’m now a two-time international bestselling author.

I recently produced “Three Keys to Social Credibility: Go From Invisible to Visible,” a short, interactive flipper 12-page book on unlocking the power of videos and lives. There are 5-minute micro video trainings and a 90-minute masterclass where readers can go deeper into the topic.

It’s a simple book that allows me to share three key strategies to captivate your audience at the first point of contact and connect with them in a compelling, deep, and soulful way, impacting and converting potential prospects and clients so you can take care of yourself, family, and leave a LEGACY.

Potentially there’s another book inside of me on unmasking your message, healing trauma, discovering that defining moment, the power of adversity, living in clarity, mindfulness, and transformation.


What are your plans for the future?

I’m continuing to coach entrepreneurs, leaders, executives, and business owners to find or rediscover their dreams, find their unique voice, and share with video and lives. I love collaborating with others who are making an impact with their systems and programs and growing their own strong economy.

For the past few years, in addition to my own coaching programs, I’ve been working with Rory Carruthers and his team as a book coach, helping business owners share their stories, build credibility, and increase authority in their market, which allows them to reach a larger audience.

I love seeing the personal and professional shifts coaching brings to the lives of my clients. The more we can get our message out to impact and inspire others online, onstage, and through educational programs, the better it is for everyone. I have always tried to remember that people, regardless of their beliefs, seek the same thing as me. They are looking for love, appreciation, acceptance, and compassion. They want a friend that hears them. I know deep down, I want that too!

Crystal would like to offer readers free access to her “Three Keys to Social Credibility: Go From Invisible to Visible” at

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