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The Brazilian-based company Cyrela Brazil Realty, is considered to be one of the most solid in the civil construction sector. Cyrela Brazil Realty is Brazil’s largest homebuilder and real estate company measured by revenue and market value, which is why Luxury Lifestyle Awards would like to present Cyrela Brazil Realty with an award for Best Luxury Real Estate Developer in Brazil 2022.

Originally founded in 1962, Cyrela Brazil Realty is currently operating in 17 states and 55 cities in and around Brazil and Argentina. With its headquarters in Sao Paulo, the company has an impressive resume of over 35,000 customers and has built more than an extraordinary amount of 7,250,000 square feet of properties. Listed on the B3 stock exchange, with an estimated brand value of R$545 million, Cyrela Brazil Realty also currently occupies the 14th position in the Interbrand ranking of the 25 most valuable Brazilian brands and will settle for nothing less than striving for the number one spot.

Cyrela Brazil Realty has earned a reputation for being committed and is known for being a company that delivers results and offers properties that simply amaze. Recognized also for having and employing a sound workforce of thousands of highly qualified professionals and engineers who are dedicated to not only building projects but to building relationships.

Cyrela is the brand behind the luxury developments that are constantly driven to improve, transform and reinvent spaces and cities, giving them soul and making them a happy, inspiring, and aesthetically pleasing place to be. Cyrela’s goal is to “leave a legacy through excellence” and to strive to do “good” above all else.

They achieve this by not only being transparent and taking responsibility for the consequences of their actions but by combining strict moral principles with a core belief of working together with their clients to help them realize their dreams. Striving at all times, to fully understand the client’s needs and desires to offer first-class, innovative real estate solutions.

Falling under the umbrella of the Cyrela brand are smaller group brands that take on different functions and roles within the real estate development. Cyrela’s Group brand LIVING is one of these group brands and was established in 2007 to take care of the “living” aspect of the development from finding the most suitable land to building more efficiently.

VIVAZ on the other hand is a Cyrela Group brand created to ensure that the dream of home ownership is at the best and most realistic value. They combine their expertise to find creative ways to achieve good quality at lower costs and with careful implementation. Vivaz in partnership with the Minha Casa, Minha Vida program builds “dreams with solid foundations and creates opportunities for everyone”.

Meanwhile, Cyrela Urbanismo is the brand behind its urban development projects across Brazil and was established in 2006. The primary goal of this brand is to add value wherever it is present. Furthermore, it aims to seek out spots that exude character, potential, and possibilities which in turn can be translated into the development as such, and create wonderful elements of surprise. The construction and quality, as well as the integration of exclusive, leisure facilities, are planned with the greatest detail to enhance these natural features with as little impact as possible on the environment.

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