Daniel McVicar

Daniel McVicar

Daniel McVicar has become well-known for his work as an actor, director and writer. The multi-talented American has not only succeeded in the United States but he has excelled overseas in Europea – especially Italy – as well. The actor and writer is stationed on both sides of the Atlantic and currently is building a formidable reputation as an independent producer.

Most of McVicar’s early success on the television came on the soap opera The Bold and The Beautiful. The actor went on to work on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson as a comedic actor, which gave him the chance to diversify his acting. He later worked on Italian shows Il Bene e il Male and Medico in Famiglia for RAI Television. It pushed the boundaries of what he could do.

McVicar runs his own production company called MagmaWave. The company focuses on material for the Italian marketplace. MagmaWave, which started back in 2006, worked early on with highly acclaimed web series. Based in Los Angeles and Torino, Italy, the company focuses on producing new media, documentaries and Internet videos.

Through his company, McVicar produced, directed and wrote Always a First Time. The short film was picked for showing at the Salento Film Festival and received rave reviews.

Although McVicar now makes his home on the west coast of the United States and in Italy, the actor and director was born a world away in Colorado. McVicar was one of 12 children and he moved to the west coast area to attend the California Institute of the Arts. Following his time at the institute, McVicar moved to England and studied at the London Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.

In 2006, McVicar created the McVlog video blog. He also hosted the first annual Vloggies award show.

McVicar’s career hasn’t just taken him to Los Angeles and Italy, but he has also worked in Russia as well. The actor was able to learn the Russian language well enough to work with award winning Russian director Dimitris Astrakhan. The duo worked on the film The Fourth Planet.

Acting, television and film aren’t the only mediums McVicar has his hands in. In 2014, the creator produced the graphic novel The Last Cavalier. McVicar worked with fellow writer Roberto Pretti and artist Gianluca Gugliotta on the project. The graphic novel was promoted via KickStarter and after receiving more than $12,000 in pledges, The Last Cavalier was brought to life. His entrance into the world of graphic novels showed just how versatile this renaissance man truly is.

McVicar continues to develop new content with his MagmaWave company and build its impressive resume. The actor and director doesn’t look likely of slowing down despite being in his fifties. For McVicar, slowing down would stifle his fantastic creativity.




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