Dillon James Kouf. Co-owner of Double K Ranch

Dillon James Kouf, the co-owner of Double K Ranch in Darby, Montana, has dedicated his career to farming with profound passion. Established in 2019, this unique venture combines a ranch and butcher shop specializing in farm-fresh Montana beef and pork. Expanding his reach, Mr. Kouf also manages a deli and eatery in Missoula, Montana, offering a diverse menu of high-quality hot and cold dishes and a full breakfast and lunch spread available seven days a week.

Mr. Kouf is committed to championing sustainable ranching practices and reshaping public perceptions of the farming industry. Together with his dedicated team, he showcases how responsible farmers can raise animals in an environmentally conscious manner, challenging the norms set by larger factory farms and commercial operations. Double K Ranch pioneers alternative approaches that prioritize sustainability and quality.

Rooted in a farm upbringing, Mr. Kouf developed a strong work ethic on the property purchased by his family in 1985, managed by his parents, Jim and Lynn Kouf. As the torchbearer of the family legacy, he now assumes ownership, overseeing all operations and leading a team of managers responsible for the ranch, meat shop, and deli.

Managing one of the nation’s few thriving ranches and shops is a source of immense accomplishment for Mr. Kouf. He directs his efforts towards providing unparalleled products to customers, infusing his meats with the traditional Italian lifestyle that shaped his upbringing. Double K Ranch takes pride in raising, processing, and transforming on-site animals into high-quality dry-cured salami, prosciutto, and a variety of whole-muscle products, including steaks, chops, burgers, and sausages.

Beyond business pursuits, Mr. Kouf actively contributes to various local charities, making donations and participating in fundraising campaigns that benefit public schools, fire departments, and police departments.

Mr. Kouf’s academic journey mirrors his commitment to excellence. He completed college coursework abroad in Florence, Italy, at Marist College, where his love for cured meats blossomed. Continuing his education at Montana State University in Bozeman, he stays abreast of industry developments as an active member of the Montana Meat Processors Association & American Association of Meat Processors (AAMP).

The accolades for Mr. Kouf’s hard work are evident in the recognition bestowed upon Double K Ranch. In 2022, the Montana Meat Processors Association honored the ranch with an award for its outstanding salami. Notably, in 2023, the AAMP recognized Double K Ranch nationally, presenting an award for its impeccably crafted dry-cured Coppa.

For a more in-depth insight into Dillon James Kouf’s journey and Double K Ranch, please visit https://www.doublekranchmt.com/about



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