Dominica Lumazar. Award-Winning Author and Founder of Sweet D Marketing

Dominica Lumazar, founder of Sweet D Marketing and #1 International Bestselling Author of Empowered: The Business Owner’s Guide to Leadership and Success, knows that modern marketing is about telling a story, building an image, and using different elements to create a brand and sell a product.

Sweet D Marketing was established fifteen years ago, and Lumazar and her team have gained a lot of experience and practical knowledge in the industry. They understand the concerns of small businesses when it comes to working with a marketing agency and work hard to address these specific issues. The team’s goal is to produce results, and they work closely with clients to achieve success. Lumazar’s coaching and mentoring skills have also helped entrepreneurs thanks to Sweet D Marketing’s marketing expertise. Lumazar recognized a gap in the market and created a book called Empowered, which helps entrepreneurs understand the day-to-day aspects of running a business. With a bestselling book and successful company, Lumazar is excited about what the future holds.

Dominica, you started your own marketing company, Sweet D Marketing, over 15 years ago. Tell us about the journey to get to this point.

The journey began, as most entrepreneurial journeys do, slowly and steadily, with lots of big mistakes and lots of learning. When I was 18, my sister and I started a chocolate company.

After a season of local farmers’ markets and selling to local grocery stores, we soon needed an e-commerce website.

Unfortunately, I hired the wrong people, and the so-called marketing company took what little money we had at the time and vanished.

I remember distinctly thinking that I never wanted other small business owners to feel how I felt.

While building the company, I realized I developed a strong passion for helping other small business owners with their marketing, sharing what I had learned from my own experiences. Based on that realization, I sold the chocolate company and turned everything I learned from building the business into Sweet D Marketing.


Sweet D Marketing stems from those feelings of shock and disappointment— how dare a company or a “so-called company” take what little money I had when growing my small business and needed a website? I quickly realized that marketing wasn’t looked at in the best light, especially marketing agencies.

I set out to change that. I didn’t want the smarmy, slimy aspect of marketing to be anywhere near the kind of campaigns I was running on behalf of my clients.

I’ve worked extremely hard to inspire and encourage other business owners to get excited about their own marketing plans and goals. I’ve been told by many of my clients that they now enjoy marketing and look forward to the strategy, whereas before they hired us, they were afraid and wanted nothing to do with marketing at all. Simply put, I love marketing; it’s a deep-rooted passion of mine. When it’s done right, it’s so empowering and rewarding.

Dominica, you’ve helped your clients bring in billions of dollars in revenue through your business and marketing strategies. How have you achieved these results with such consistency?

I started Sweet D Marketing thinking I could do it all myself. After six years, I finally realized I couldn’t do it alone. My business was gaining momentum, and I wanted to scale up, so I hired a team who has been with me for the better half of these fifteen years. I couldn’t do it without them.

When I think about how far Sweet D Marketing has come, even though the company is technically named after me, my team has made this happen.

In Sweet D Marketing, my team handles 95% of all the brand development and website design. Having a team afforded me the opportunity and the time to do what I love most: executive, leadership, and business coaching.

Our impact extends to facilitating the seamless sale of numerous Bay Area companies. For example, a particular company saw a sales value exceeding expectations due to my consulting and executive coaching. While the initial buyer had centered their evaluation solely on financial figures, they had overlooked the company’s human element. I intervened to pinpoint the high-performing individuals within the business. Instead of wiping the slate clean post-acquisition, we collaborated with the buyer and client to retain those aligned with the company’s future. This strategic approach led to a notably higher closing valuation. Through this process, we safeguarded jobs, shed light on the team’s invaluable experience spanning three decades, and achieved a resounding victory for all parties involved.

How did Sweet D Marketing manage the last few years with the different world events slowing down business?

We ended up doing extremely well because of the strong relationships we had with our current clients and the support we offered our new clients.

People saw an opportunity to leave their careers where they had been working for someone else to start their own company.

It allowed many entrepreneurial minds to slow down and consider new possibilities. My team and I had the honor of working with many of those individuals.

Initially, there was this worry: what will we do next? Everything felt uncomfortable and uncertain, but I focused on being there for my team and my clients, no matter what.

One of our big clients reached out in a panic to let me know they couldn’t pay for our services but that without us, they would lose their business.

Dominica Lumazar-2

I responded with empathy because we were all dealing with the challenges that came with COVID. I had already built a strong relationship with the client and trusted that we would all get through those challenging times. I told them we were in this together and Sweet D Marketing wouldn’t leave them.

They weren’t the only client going through difficult financial times, but my team and I dug our heels in and ensured that all our clients had what they needed to get through the pandemic.

We developed strategic, in-depth marketing plans to get through what we anticipated would be a five-year gap. Because of our marketing strategies, we all came out on top.

This approach to business during this unique time paid off. After a handful of months, our clients stabilized, we got paid, and our loyal clients now know their marketing team will always be there for them.

If someone comes to you for coaching today, what will they get?

When individuals seek my coaching, they’re typically driven by a desire for both professional and personal growth.

What excites me about coaching is offering a sense of accountability that businesspeople often haven’t encountered before. Clients quickly discover that accountability can be invigorating.

It’s interesting how some individuals assume they’re resistant to being held accountable. However, when we remove the overwhelming pressure of executing an idea and instead concentrate on maintaining accountability, we pave the way toward achieving goals through steady action.

Witnessing a client’s transformative journey toward greater achievement, fulfillment, and success is truly rewarding.

Through the coaching co-creative relationship, we work toward meaningful objectives, encompassing business targets and personal aspirations that contribute to a more fulfilling professional journey. Coaching sessions delve into various nuanced aspects that often remain unexplored amidst the hectic professional routine. Reflecting on my career trajectory and what directed my focus towards coaching, I recognized a gap in the market. While there’s no shortage of people calling themselves coaches, I made a deliberate effort to earn certifications as an executive, leadership, business, and life coach. This commitment was rooted in my pursuit of genuine coaching expertise. My goal was to infuse more substance into what I offer, enhancing support for clients within Sweet D Marketing and beyond.

In 2019, your book Empowered: The Business Owner’s Guide to Leadership & Success was published. It went on to become a #1 Bestseller. What inspired you to write a book, and what was the experience like?

My dear friend and fellow marketer, Rory Carruthers, encouraged me to write a book. He opened my eyes to how I could use a book as a tool in my business. Initially, the idea of writing a book was daunting because I’m not a writer. Taking the time to sit down and put pen to paper is very challenging for me. However, writing a book turned out to be less intimidating than I thought. Rory, his wife, and their team at Rory Carruthers Marketing made writing my book an easy and positive experience.

Their approach uses interviews to gather content for the book, so I was able to speak freely and focus on sharing my knowledge and insights through conversation. An excellent editor from Rory’s team helped refine the manuscript for clarity and made my message clear to the reader. With guidance, support, and encouragement, I was able to write Empowered, which went on to become a #1 International Bestseller. Having a physical copy of my book, complete with my photo on the cover, has been invaluable.

I now overnight my book to potential new clients, which does all the selling for me. My credibility and authority are established, and I have a 100% close rate using this strategy. When I get on the call, they’re ready to start. Having a book as a tangible marketing tool is truly a gift.

Seeing my book on clients’ bookshelves during virtual meetings has been a big win. Writing Empowered and the positive feedback it has received has motivated me to continue doing what I’m doing. It has given me a renewed sense of purpose. I am forever grateful to Rory and his team for their help.

Tell us about Empowered. What can readers gain from it?

Empowered is a detailed guide to building key leadership skills that steer organizations to greater success.

It teaches an innovative leadership framework you can apply immediately to increase customer loyalty and create marketing plans that outperform your competition.

You also gain powerful insights improving your mindset, boundaries, and relationships. The chapter “Mindset: How Our Thoughts and Emotions Affect Us and Our Work,” which discusses healthy relationships with your employees and your relationship with your business, is often a favorite with readers.

How did it feel to go from marketing guru to #1 International Bestseller?

Fantastic! It was life and business changing. That credibility factor, that stamp of approval, elevated everything. When you think about how many emails a businessperson gets a day, if you have #1 International Bestselling Author stated in your email signature, somebody will stop and notice that.

Becoming a bestseller made me an authority in the industry, which was extraordinarily helpful. My business exploded. Within six months of becoming a bestselling author, my business grew so much that my team came to me and asked, “Can we hire more people?” So having that credibility has been rewarding.


In addition to marketing, coaching, and writing bestsellers, you host two podcasts. Please tell us about the Big Picture Business Podcast and Tuesday Tea with Sweet D.

The Big Picture Business Podcast is ranked as one of the top 0.5% global podcasts worldwide. My co-host, Rory Carruthers, and I discuss digital marketing trends and our perspectives and insights into the entrepreneurial journey.

We also interview industry professionals and leaders in different niche markets.

Rory and I have been friends for a really long time, and we are both obsessed with business and marketing. Inevitably, we let listeners in on some inside jokes. We have a lot of fun with the Big Picture Business Podcast.

Tuesday Tea with Sweet D I host by myself. The show is geared toward women-owned companies that have a unique mission, purpose, and story to share. Each week, we pour out the tea and talk about all aspects of our professional and personal lives.

The main thing about both podcasts that I love is that they have launched many different business owners into a new space.

Both Rory and I have been able to facilitate offering credibility to a lot of these entrepreneurs and business owners. It feels satisfying to see these individuals’ personal and professional growth soar just by being guests on the podcast.

What are the challenges of making regular podcasts?

Unfortunately, there have been a few challenges along the way. From audio issues to no-show guests due to scheduling conflicts. The biggest challenge so far has been when I got pregnant with my second daughter, I was extremely sick throughout the pregnancy and needed to put both shows on hold for several months.

Thankfully, our loyal listeners have understood, and after all that time, as we resumed recording more episodes, our following continues to grow.

What is your advice to someone wanting to get into marketing? How should they begin their careers?

Stay curious and open to new trends, as the marketing world is always changing. Cultivate skills like communication and creativity, and consider getting certifications to boost your credibility. Remember, it’s a journey, so set clear goals and enjoy every step of learning and exploring the exciting landscape of marketing.

Also, don’t forget to keep it simple and focus on building good relationships because that will take you further than anything else.

I highly recommend establishing your team early on. One of the key reasons my business has thrived is by allowing my amazing team to handle the tasks they excel at.

I’ve moved away from micromanaging and now empower them to take charge of projects they’re skilled in. So, when you’re building your team, hire right and then trust them wholeheartedly to do the job you hired them for.

With a #1 International Bestseller under your belt, is there another book in your future?

I get asked this question quite often. Initially, I had the idea of writing a single book. However, given the incredibly positive impact my first book has had on my business and the remarkable benefits my clients have gained from it, I now find myself ready to write another book.

I’m leaning towards a book centered around leadership coaching, as I want to share all the new strategies I’ve learned over the past five years. I’m excited to share that another book is definitely on the horizon.

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