Dr. Solanges Vivens: A Trailblazing Entrepreneur and Champion of Women’s Empowerment

Dr. Solanges Vivens is a remarkable individual whose life journey is a testament to resilience, determination, and the pursuit of excellence. As a visionary business leader, healthcare entrepreneur, author, and advocate for women’s empowerment, Dr. Vivens has left an indelible mark on the world. Her unwavering commitment to inspiring and uplifting others, especially women, has propelled her to the forefront of her field. This article delves into the life and achievements of Dr. Solanges Vivens, highlighting her entrepreneurial endeavors, motivational work, and dedication to empowering women.

Early Life and Professional Growth

Dr. Solanges Vivens was born and raised in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, and her journey to success was marked by numerous challenges and obstacles. Despite facing racism, sexism, ageism, and national discrimination, Dr. Vivens refused to allow these barriers to hinder her progress. She migrated to the United States and embarked on a career in nursing, eventually realizing her passion for senior care and recognizing the need for systemic change. Driven by her determination to make a difference, she pursued further education and took on administrative roles within the healthcare industry.

Pioneering Entrepreneurship and Leadership

Dr. Solanges Vivens’ journey as a pioneering entrepreneur and leader has been nothing short of remarkable. With a deep understanding of the healthcare industry and a relentless commitment to excellence, she set out to revolutionize the field of senior care. After holding key administrative roles in healthcare, Dr. Vivens recognized the need for systemic change and seized the opportunity to make a lasting impact.

At the age of 41, Dr. Vivens embarked on a bold new venture, opening two nursing facilities. Her vision went beyond providing quality care to seniors; she aimed to create environments that empowered both residents and staff members. Driven by her commitment to the “commitment to quality” principle, which she had embraced throughout her career, she implemented innovative practices and fostered a culture of compassion and respect within her facilities.

Dr. Vivens understood that success in entrepreneurship required more than just business acumen. It necessitated the ability to inspire and empower those around her. By employing and empowering over 800 individuals, she not only created job opportunities but also fostered an environment that encouraged personal and professional growth. Through her leadership, Dr. Vivens instilled a sense of purpose and dedication within her teams, ultimately leading to exceptional outcomes and a reputation for excellence.

Dr. Solanges Vivens

Literary Contributions and Empowering Women

Dr. Solanges Vivens expanded her influence beyond the healthcare realm with her literary endeavors. In 2020, she authored “Girls Can Move Mountains: Rewriting the Rules of Female Entrepreneurship.” The book, which garnered widespread acclaim, presents 25 rules of life and business, aiming to inspire and empower the next generation of female entrepreneurs. The success of her book led Dr. Vivens to establish the non-profit organization Voice of Girls Can Move Mountains, dedicated to empowering young women and encouraging them to become pillars of strength within their communities. She actively engages with women’s groups nationally and internationally, sharing her experiences and motivating them to embrace their potential.

Her book

“Girls Can Move Mountains: Rewriting the Rules of Female Entrepreneurship” is an inspiring and empowering book by Dr. Solanges Vivens, a successful entrepreneur and advocate for women’s advancement. In this captivating memoir, Dr. Vivens shares her incredible journey from humble beginnings as a black girl in Haiti to becoming a trailblazing nursing home director and mother.

The book offers readers a glimpse into Dr. Vivens’ life, where she defied societal expectations and overcame numerous challenges with unwavering determination. Through her personal experiences, she imparts wisdom and shares the 25 most important rules of life and business, encouraging aspiring female entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and break down barriers.

Dr. Vivens’ story is an embodiment of the American success story, showcasing the power of spiritual fortitude and a can-do attitude. She emphasizes the significance of self-belief and the refusal to let others’ limitations define one’s potential for success. Her writing is characterized by vulnerability, self-accountability, and a sharp language that resonates with readers, addressing difficult subjects such as racism and sexism.

Endorsed by esteemed individuals, including author MJ Fievre and former President of Voorhees College, Dr. Lee Monroe, the book is praised for its ability to instill hope and inspire readers to strive for self-definition and make a difference in the world. It underscores the transformative power of education, persistence, and overcoming adversity.

“Girls Can Move Mountains” serves as a rallying call for women’s equity and a testament to Dr. Vivens’ passion and tenacity in both her professional and personal life. Her remarkable resilience and ability to overcome obstacles have earned her the nickname “angel of the sun.” Through this book, Dr. Solanges Vivens empowers women to challenge societal norms, embrace their potential, and redefine the rules of success in entrepreneurship.

Motivational Work and Advocacy:

Driven by her passion for mentoring and motivating others, especially young women, Dr. Vivens launched a motivational series of video podcasts. These podcasts offer valuable insights and strategies for individuals to discover their talents and strengths, empowering them to achieve their goals. With her “Fanm Potomitan” initiative, she aspires to inspire and uplift women, providing them with the tools and guidance they need to navigate life’s challenges. Dr. Vivens firmly believes that women have the power to overcome obstacles and accomplish extraordinary aspirations.

In addition to her groundbreaking work in healthcare entrepreneurship, Dr. Vivens has also been an advocate for advancing the role of women in business. Her book, “Girls Can Move Mountains: Rewriting the Rules of Female Entrepreneurship,” serves as a testament to her dedication to empowering women and rewriting societal norms. By sharing her experiences and defining the 25 rules of life and business, she provides invaluable guidance and encouragement to aspiring female entrepreneurs. Dr. Vivens firmly believes that women have the capacity to overcome obstacles and achieve extraordinary success, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Sainte Solange Chapel

Dr. Solanges Vivens contributes to creating safe and sustainable environments for families and children. To date, she has contributed over 100,000 US to the revitalization of the over 150 year old Sainte Solange Chapel in Sainte Solange, France.

Philanthropy and Education:

Apart from her professional accomplishments, Dr. Solanges Vivens is the Founder, CEO, and President of Centres D’Etudes Classique de Meyer Fund, USA, a non-profit organization that supports and educates over 300 children in Haiti each year. Recognizing the importance of education in transforming lives, Dr. Vivens has been instrumental in providing educational opportunities to underprivileged children in Meyer, Jacmel, Haiti since 2005. Her commitment to empowering younger generations aligns with her belief in the motto “Moving Mountains” to achieve one’s goals.

Her contributions to the healthcare administration

Beyond her entrepreneurial pursuits, Dr. Vivens has also made significant contributions to healthcare administration. She has written numerous articles on healthcare administration, aging, geriatrics, and nursing for local and national publications. Her expertise and insights have been sought after by prestigious institutions such as Georgetown University School of Nursing, Howard University Hospital, and George Mason University, among others. Through her lectures and writings, Dr. Vivens continues to shape the field and inspire future healthcare leaders.

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