Effective Body Language for your Job Interview

Effective body language for your job interview

Probably, many of us do not know about body language before answering a tough question. Here is all about making the interviewer feel doubtful about hiring you: cracking the knuckles, a slump in your seat staying away from making eye contact and shake hands before you are going to answer him/her.

During the interviews, the appearance counts much, it does not only involve how to dress but how you are carrying yourself is crucial. Even all your answers are right; the wrong body language will reveal false signals to the interviewer.

Here are some suggestions to project confidence and poise for the next job interview.


Before the interview starts, put on your confidence. While waiting for your turn, you should have a good posture when sitting or standing. Keep your chin parallel to the ground and your back straight. You may not have met the interviewers in the waiting area; it is possible that the potential co-workers or receptionist are noticing you.

When you are sitting down to wait, put your purse or briefcase to the left side of your set, it will decrease the discomfort when you grab your items and shake the hand with the interviewer.

Similarly, the only moment of the physical contact with the interviewer is shaking hand. Researches indicate that the handshakes play a crucial role in making your first impression, always make it count. The shake should not be limp fish or bone crushing. Do a firm handshake, and while doing this, smile and make eye contact.


The first impression counts, it is during the conversation that the interviewer will have a long time with you. Your answers to his inquiries are essential; he is listening to you and looking at your expressions and body language.

Keep these tips in your mind:

SITTING STYLE AND POSTURE: The very first and essential thing is to keep your back straight, there should be no slumping. For indicating interest, you can slightly lean forward. Do not lie back entirely into the chair; it can make you seem disengaged or bored.

Never place items in your lap and avoid crossing your arms; these things show a need for self-protection, nerves, and defensiveness. All you require conveying during an interview is confidence.

DO NOT CROSS YOUR LEGS: Most of the professionals suggest that you should avoid crossing the legs. With an extended interview, you require re-crossing when your legs are falling asleep. It can come across as jiggling.

USE YOUR HANDS: Do you ever talk with your hands? Allow your hands to move during the interview. When you stop the natural gestures, it will result in an awkward appearance. Always make sure that your movements do not be so enthusiastic that they divert the interviewer from your words.

EYE CONTACT: It is significant to make eye contact during the interview, but never make constant eye contact, as it is aggressive and disconcerting. If you avoid eye contact, it may show like your answers are not right. While listening and responding to questions, aim to make eye contact.

Conclusively, these are some of the best body language tips that you should consider while going for a job interview.




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