Eric L. Crittenden. Credit Analyst at Community National Bank & Trust

Mr. Crittenden works as a credit analyst at Community National Bank & Trust and comes from a diverse background. On the path to his current role, he earned an equally diverse education, which led him to gain career experience in several different sectors. He holds an Associate of Arts in industrial trade and supervision management, which he earned from Cowley College in 1995 and applied to his decade’s long career in agricultural services.

When he moved to Dallas in his mid-twenties, Mr. Crittenden obtained a Paralegal Certificate in legal studies in 2001 from Southeastern Paralegal Institute, now known as Brightwood College, an American Bar Association-approved postgraduate program. Unfortunately, the economic and social aftermath of the 9/11 attacks posed unforeseen challenges for those like Mr. Crittenden, who sought to venture into the legal sector, as many law firms were hesitant to hire new staff. Despite obstacles outside of his control, he persevered and took on temporary staffing positions at law offices while simultaneously networking with other professionals to gain momentum in the job market.

Through one of his networking connections, Mr. Crittenden landed a job at LandSafe, a subsidiary of Countrywide Financial Corporation, where he quickly proved his worth and was hired for a new work unit. While he had originally hoped to apply his associate’s degree and paralegal certificate, he adapted to the best opportunities available to him at the time and continued to work hard. In 2009, while pursuing his bachelor’s degree, Mr. Crittenden worked as a location services specialist and applicator for Two Rivers Coop, a position he held for over five years.

In 2010, Mr. Crittenden then earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in business management from Friends University. He also gained certifications, including that in supervision from Wichita State University and from Leadership Cowley County. Then, in 2020, he stepped into his current position at Community National Bank & Trust. As a current credit analyst, this role is the starting point on Mr. Crittenden’s journey to a career as a loan officer.

In all he has accomplished, Mr. Crittenden credits his perseverance and determination, despite facing significant challenges, and is proud of his ability to compete with individuals who hold advanced degrees. Outside of his profession, he is an eagle scout certificate coordinator for Pvt. John N. Eckes, Camp #10, for the Department of Kansas Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War and is involved with several civic organizations. In the next five years, Mr. Crittenden plans to remain an active member of his community, contributing to conservation projects at the newly developed community cultural center, and continue working in finance with a desire to make career advancements where opportunities present themselves and are available.



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