Everything You Need To Know About Facebook And Instagram Ads

Everything You Need To Know About Facebook And Instagram Ads

When you are trying to increase your following on Facebook and Instagram, advertisements and boosted posts are a great way to do it. Ads and post boosts can be purchased by anyone, no matter if you own a company or you are trying to build yourself up as a web personality.

But, like anything, when you start your journey into creating and publishing Facebook and Instagram ads, there are a number of things you need to know before you get started.

Here are a few tips before you get started:

Budget, Budget, Budget

Facebook and Instagram are owned by the same company, so you can easily advertise yourself on both. Luckily, Facebook and Instagram make it easy to budget for your advertisement.

Decide on a daily, weekly, or lifetime budget on your advertisement or post boost. You can then set your budget and watch as your advertisement or post boost garners views, likes, and more.

It Doesn’t Come Out At Once

For the most part, Facebook and Instagram posts are mainly paid for on a “per click” basis. You won’t see a lump sum of your budget come out at once because you will only pay by the click and not by a lump sum.

This can be important when balancing your personal or business finances as you should expect the costs to vary when you are paying for an ad or post boost.

There Are Restrictions

There are restrictions on how many words can be in your actual ad image. Only about a third of your ad image can contain words. If there are more words, your ad may not be marketed the best way possible or may be denied by Facebook and Instagram.

When designing your ad, keep in mind that your ad will look like a Facebook or Instagram post, so you will be able to add text into the body of the ads. Keep wording to a minimum for the best results.

You Can Target To Your Market

You can easily target based on age group, gender, location, job type, hobbies, and much more on Facebook and Instagram. While you don’t want your target audience to be too specific, you will want some target marketing to come into play when setting up the ad. Facebook and Instagram also feature the ability to save target market setups to be reused in the future.

Keep In Mind Who You Are Designing Your Ad For

Make sure that your advertisement or post boost looks attractive to your target audience and also looks attractive on both Facebook and Instagram. You will set up your ads for both of these social media platforms on Facebook, and you will be able to view what it will look like on both platforms. Be sure that the content you are promoting is attractive to your target market so that you will lead more people to your content or your business without wasting a ton of money.



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