Most Expensive Kids Toy in the World Agostini Ferrari Testarossa

During your childhood days, your idea of a toy was a matchbox car or stuffed animal. But, you never know that matchbox cars can be replaced by a kid sized sports car with a working engine. Well, the mini Ferrari 512 Testarossa in Riddelsdell’s Garage will prove you wrong.

This mini ca has been equipped and restored beautifully using a lawnmower engine. While it can’t come close to sports car speeds, its speed can be up to 25mph, which is absolutely fast enough for little kids.

Mini Ferrari 512 Testarossa comes with a leather interior, retracting head lights, working gauges, and a legit Ferrari steering wheel, making it a priceless mini toy car that many kids have always dreamed of. Its sub-200cc engine rather than 12V battery is enough compared to the electric vehicles in the market that can go up to 6mph. That is the reason why some think of it as a go-kart.

According to Howard Watts, the man behind the Riddelsdell’s Garage, stated that the mini Ferrari 512 Testarossa is a real classic unique little car with great history. Its makers had to acquire permission from Ferrari before they could create it. It’s in a poor state and was taken to them a year to get every part needed to restore this to its former glory as well as put it back to a showroom condition. This mini Ferrari might be classed as a toy car, yet it’s more than that for the reason that it’s engineered and built with detail. The result is very remarkable and many people just love it.

At about $100,000, mini Ferrari 512 Testarossa is almost half the amount of the actual 512 Testarossa of Ferrrari, yet rich parents who like to treat or spoil their youngsters can get this exceptional set of wheels.

Riddelsdell’s Garage is the Europe’s oldest garage. Traction and steam engines used to be repaired in this garage for the first 10 years of the last century. Having this beautiful car in the garage brought tons of smiles to everybody who has already seen it. According to the operator of the garage, he has a collection of performance and classic cars including Jaguars and Porsches, and this mini Ferrari is just a bundle of joy to the collection. He also added that he wants to work on another car restoration project, but now, a full-size vehicle is what he’s considering.

Mini Ferrari 512 Testarossa features with a fiberglass body with boot, bonnet, and working doors. There is also a petrol engine, full speedo, leather interior, and so on. It requires a young driver who’ll appreciate it and would use it in their own lawn. This expensive toy car isn’t street legal and can’t be driven on the roads.

Testarossa models were built by Ferrari between year 1984 and year 1991 at Modena Factory with 12 cylinder 5L engine that developed 390 bhp, had top speed of about 180 mph, and reached 60mph in 5 seconds.



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