FIFTY SIX® Collection By Vacheron Constantin

Geneva’s oldest watch Manufacture still in operation, 263 years after its creation in 1755, Vacheron Constantin holds a special place in the heart of initiates and collectors. The Maison is heralding a new chapter in its history with its FIFTY SIX® collection. It represents an important new step as this original line, inspired by a historical Vacheron Constantin watch dating from 1956, instils a modern momentum capable of opening up the world of Fine Watchmaking to every enthusiasts.

FIFTY SIX®. A name and a date evoking an iconic model presented in 1956: the reference 6073. Its design expresses the particularly abundant creativity displayed by Vacheron Constantin during the 1950s. This timepiece is distinguished by its shape – and notably its lugs, each representing a branch of the Maltese cross which has become an emblem of the Manufacture.

The originality of reference 6073, as indeed of all 1950s Vacheron Constantin models, also stems from the contrast between the classicism of its dial and the bold design of its case. A watch that already wove ties between respect for tradition and a taste for innovation.

The golden age of round timepieces, the 1950s represented the pinnacle of aesthetic refinement and remain an incomparable territory begging to be explored.The lasting impact that reference 6073 was to have on Vacheron Constantin’s history also stemmed from its stature as one of the first watches from the Manufacture to be equipped with a self-winding movement. Calibre 1019/1 was distinguished by its precision and reliability, at a time when most other models were driven by manual-winding mechanisms.Lastly, this model has a special place within the Vacheron Constantin heritage: the case of the 6073 boasted a water-resistant construction (with a multi-sided caseback).

A strong identity

There is a definite sense of kinship – in spirit as well as in substance – between the 6073 model presented in 1956 and the FIFTY SIX® collection introduced in 2018. A number of 1950s characteristics are incorporated into this contemporary heir.

Maltese cross:

The most striking example of this filiation is undoubtedly the aesthetic nods to the Maltese cross, inspired by the shape of a component formerly found in mechanical movements. A small wheel connected to the barrel of the cover which made it possible to use the most constant section of the spring by regulating its degree of winding and unwinding, in order to enhance the precision of the watch.

More than 260 years of perpetually renewed efforts entirely directed towards attaining the highest standards of quality make this emblem the very symbol of horological excellence. It is echoed by the design of the FIFTYSIX® watches, since the lugs of their cases are inspired by the branches of the Maltese cross. This exclusive shape is bound to exercise a particular attraction on devotees and discerning enthusiasts.

Box-type crystal:

Another bridge between the past and the present can be seen in the distinctive shape of the box-type crystal rising well above the bezel. Historically made from Plexiglas or mineral glass, it is now in sapphire, a far more scratch-resistant material, while preserving the retro-contemporary look of the FIFTY SIX® collection.

Self-winding movements:

Naturally, both in tribute to the self-winding movement of the 6073 and for the wearer’s convenience, all the versions of the FIFTY SIX® collection, including those with complications, are powered by a self-winding movement, with a new calibre for the three-hand variation. A transparent case back provides a chance to admire the movement finishing – Côtes de Genève, circular graining and snailing – as well as the new oscillating weight designed by Vacheron Constantin for this collection. This polished and satin-brushed 22 carats open worked rotor, bearing a Maltese Cross applique and a frosted-snailed finish, represents a signature feature of all FIFTY SIX® models.

Gold and steel:

For the first time in its history, the Maison has decided to offer a classic collection both in gold and in steel, while treating the latter material with the same high aesthetic standards as the precious metal. As an example of this, see the use of white gold hands and appliques on the steel versions of the FIFTY SIX®.

Sector-type dial:

One of the collection’s distinguishing characteristics lies in the appearance of its sector-type dial. While the chapter ring, punctuated by alternating Arabic numerals and baton-type hour-markers, channels its 1950s inspiration, the presence on the surface of two subtle tones achieved by finishing effects lends an additional touch of elegance and sophistication. The play of light across the dial gives it depth and a stronger personality.

It is by reinterpreting its own roots that the FIFTY SIX® collection achieves a distinctive style by adopting a crown recessed into the case, thereby setting it apart from its 1956 predecessor, which took a more classic approach to this specific detail.

FIFTY SIX®, a collection expressed through three models, each with its own variations.



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